How I’m a Scientist works


I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is an online STEM engagement activity for school children.

By taking part you:

  • develop communication skills
  • gain a fresh perspective on your work
  • find out what young people think about science

Everything happens online. Take part from the office or at home, at times that suit your schedule.

The format

You create a profile, answer students’ questions, and engage directly with classes in live text-based chats.

Students vote for their favourite scientist to win £500 to spend on further public engagement.

“One of the most rewarding, fulfilling and thought-provoking periods I have had in science” Deepak, medical researcher

Chats with classes

Chats last 40 minutes. They happen on our text-based messaging platform (no video or audio needed).

Chats are fast paced and fun. We don’t expect you to attend every chat! Sign up to whatever you can fit into your schedule.

Watch an example live chat.

Learn more about the advantages of being text-based.

Zones: Groups of scientists and schools

The activity is divided into ‘Zones’. Each Zone typically lasts 4 weeks, with a new group of scientists and school students in each.

A Zone could be a general science-themed, featuring scientists from a broad range of fields. Or, Zones can be themed to a particular area of research, for example, a ‘Medical Research Zone’.

Time needed

Time commitment is flexible and the format is designed to so you can fit taking part into your normal schedule as much as possible.

Sign up to live chats that suit your schedule. You can also log in to answer students’ questions at any time.

See how I’m a Scientist fits into the schedule of a busy scientist.

Questions students ask

I’m a Scientist is a student-led activity. This means students can ask anything they like. There could be questions about you, your work, and science in general, from robots to pizza toppings.

All questions and live chats are moderated by our moderation team. The variety of questions and reactions from students are key to the benefits people get from taking part.

Equipment you need

All you need is a computer or other device with internet access. Everything is run through a web-browser, you don’t need to download any software.

Prize money

The students vote for the scientist they think should win £500 for their own science engagement ideas.

This could be school visits, science fair exhibits, videos or podcasts, blogs, arranging class visits to your lab or office… as long as it’s involving people outside of science, it’s a good idea.

During the activity a Scientist of the Week is announced every Friday. The overall winner is revealed on the final Friday afternoon.

Check out how past winners in I’m a Scientist have spent their money.

Who can apply

Anyone in a science-related is welcome to take part.

You could be working in industry, academia or the public sector. You could be a technician, an apprentice, or in roles like comms or management.

Take part to show students the wide range of STEM-related careers out there.


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