Careers Leads: Give all your students a personal 1:1 careers experience

The programme of I’m a… projects are student-led enrichment activities that introduces classes to a wide range of professionals from different workplaces and at different career stages. 

Each activity is a careers intervention that is embedded in curriculum studies, often focused on themes chosen by teachers as relevant to the subject content of their lessons.

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“The best thing about I’m a Scientist is the sheer number of students you can give that 1-to-1 personal experience.”

– Karen Lee, Teacher

Once you’ve registered our School Support Team will be in touch to arrange a time to chat. Together we can work out the best way the I’m a… projects can support your careers programme.

Teachers can then sign their class up to the activity and take part within themes across the school year – when their class is studying genetics, for example, they can use I’m a Scientist to explore the profiles of geneticists, technicians and engineers, who are all working with DNA on a daily basis. 

How can I’m a Scientist support your careers programme?

Front page of report on I'm a Scientist Gatsby benchmarks

I’m a… supports the Gatsby Good Careers Guidance Benchmarks

Meeting Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 the I’m a… projects have been used to enrich schools careers programmes since 2008.

Thousands of teachers have trusted I’m a Scientist, I’m an Engineer, I’m a Medic and other I’m a… projects to support their students’ science capital and gain a deeper understanding of careers in STEM.

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I’m a Scientist is backed by research

Independent research found that I’m a Scientist works well to support students’ science capital.
When a student has high science capital, they’re more likely to consider careers in STEM as something ‘for them’. Read the report and learn more about science capital ❯

Students explore where their curriculum studies can take them

The I’m a… activities are careers interventions that are embedded in curriculum studies. Teachers are able to link the activity to the subject content of their lessons, whilst giving students the opportunity to explore a range of careers in this area. 

I’m a Scientist works for all ages and abilities

Students can have 1-to-1, personalised interactions with scientists, who will tailor their advice and responses to the students’ questions. Scientists will respond to students at their level, wherever that may be.

That means that you can have an entire class or year group connecting with the scientists.

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Track students’ activity

Teachers can see what questions students have been asking, through transcripts, dashboards and Zone reports. This means schools can continue to offer relevant, personalised career advice after the Chat.

I’m a Scientist can support a careers guidance programme for school students from ages 11 to 18.

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