Science Capital

What is science capital?

Science capital is a set of resources that helps individuals engage with science. It consists of four main categories: science-related knowledge (“what you know”), attitudes and values (“how you think”), experiences and activities (“what you do”) and contacts or connections (“who you know”). Young people with higher levels of science capital are more likely to see science as ‘for me’ and to choose to study science subjects at a higher level. Read more…

Science Capital Teaching Approach

The Science Capital Teaching Approach aims to help students find more meaning and personal relevance in science, thus increasing their engagement with the subject. The approach is easy to implement, focusing on broadening what counts in the science classroom. It involves personalising and localising science teaching, as well as eliciting students’ experiences, valuing them in the classroom and linking them back to the science.

How I’m a Scientist supports students’ science capital ❯