See who’s taking part this June!

Throughout June, students can connect with psychologists in the Psychology Zone.

Students can Ask questions, Chat to them, and Vote for their favourite to win a £500 prize for more outreach activities.

Teachers: find out more and register to take part ❯

Here are just some of the psychologists taking part:

Profile picture of Megan Whitehorn
Megan Whitehorn
Brain enthusiast 🧠
Profile picture of Nora Vyas
Nora Vyas
Psychologist, Award-winning Scientist, Fitness-fanatic 🏆
Profile picture of John Shaw
John Shaw
Always slightly tired 😴🛏
Profile picture of Jessica Rea
Jessica Rea
Social scientist that looks at how people are affected by their life experiences 🤝
Profile picture of Lisa Newson
Lisa Newson
Inquisitive health psychologist 👨‍⚕️
Profile picture of Amber Newell
Amber Newell
Good listener, problem-solver, flexible worker, advocator for children and young people 🌍
Profile picture of Natalie Neal
Natalie Neal
Advocating for children 📣
Profile picture of Gabriela Morris
Gabriela Morris
Fantasy-loving forensic psychologist 🔍
Profile picture of Gustav Markkula
Gustav Markkula
engineer turned behaviour-researcher ⚙
Profile picture of Anastasiia Kovalenko
Anastasiia Kovalenko
Nerdy psychologist, scared of rollercoasters 🎢😱
Profile picture of Laura Jackson-Burrage
Laura Jackson-Burrage
Tattooed quirky psychologist 🤯
Profile picture of Naomi Heffer
Naomi Heffer
Disney-obsessed psychology researcher 👸
Profile picture of Samantha Harrison
Samantha Harrison
Circus acrobat & neuroscientist
Profile picture of Ola Demkowicz
Ola Demkowicz
Optimistic, caring psychologist 🤗
Profile picture of Jennifer Deane
Jennifer Deane
Food obsessed, chatty cancer researcher 🥑🥐
Profile picture of Brittney Chere
Brittney Chere
Social and curious researcher 🥼
Profile picture of Sophie Bettles
Sophie Bettles
Smiley geeky psychologist 😊
Profile picture of Carey Allen
Carey Allen
Neuroscience and Spirituality ♌🧠

Take a look at all the psychologists taking part this June ❯

You can see where they are from on the map below:

Map of where psychologists in the June zone are from

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