November’s online STEM engagement activities from I’m a Scientist

Danica, Chemistry PhD researcher, chats with school students from her living room

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is connecting school students with real scientists throughout Autumn 2020.

Between the 2nd – 27th November we’ll be running the Health Zone, Physics Zone, Medical Research Zone, and Psychology Zone.

Elsewhere, there is a Space Zone for I’m an Engineer, and a General Science Zone in I’m a Scientist Ireland!

Scientists! Apply to take part or read on to find out more about who we’re looking for in each zone.

Teachers! Want to connect your classes with these scientists? Register for online activities this autumn.

Health Zone – Funded by the Wellcome Trust, British Society for Immunology and Royal Society for Chemistry

The Health Zone is open to any scientist whose work relates to human health. You could be developing new vaccines, running clinical trials, improving diagnostic tests, involved in genetic screening, testing for toxins in the environment, global health, or anything else related to the broad subject of health! 


Medical Research Zone – funded by the Medical Research Council

The zone is open to anyone based at an MRC-funded establishment and MRC grant holders. You could be a PhD student researching neurodegenerative disease, a technician supporting health informatics research, a statistician mapping AMR bugs… People from all disciplines and roles are welcome to apply and showcase the diversity of medical research!


Psychology Zone – funded by the British Psychological Society

This zone is open to everyone working in psychology in any area, from developmental psychology, to forensic psychology, to clinical psychology. You could be assessing children who are struggling with school, looking at how people solve problems, partnering with companies to increase employee wellbeing, working in the private sector or in healthcare. Every flavour of psychologist is welcome!

Physics Zone – funded by the Ogden Trust

Does your work involve radio waves, or electricity? Or maybe you could be a particle physicist, studying nuclear fission and fusion, or investigating the effects of gravitational waves. Your job could range from a PhD student, an electrical technician, or computer programmer, and could be absolutely anything associated with physics!


Space ZoneI’m an Engineer – funded by UK Space Agency and STFC

Are you involved in investigating the galaxy? Are you helping to build rockets, or study dark matter? Engineers in this zone could be designing satellites, telescopes or launchers and analysing their data. Or they might be working to improve our understanding of the universe and what’s happening on our own planet.
Apply on the I’m an Engineer site


Red ZoneI’m a Scientist Ireland – Funded by Science Foundation Ireland

The Red Zone is a General Science Zone running alongside this year’s Science Week. It’s open to everyone involved in Irish science and research! Whether you are studying coastal erosion in Ireland, or endangered lizards in Asia, a medical writer for a pharma company, creating bug burgers, or developing ways to slow the effects of climate change, you can apply to this zone and show students the wide range of scientific careers.
Apply on the I’m a Scientist Ireland site

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