November Student Winners Announced

After every event we ask the scientists and moderators to select the students who stood out to them; the students they thought asked the best questions, or engaged most in the live chats.

Well done to all of the student winners, to the runners up, and everyone who took part. There were so many interesting questions, and comments this November, but there could only be one winner in each zone. The winners will receive a certificate and a £20 WHSmith’s gift card.

Ecology Zone

tporter10, Westfield Primary School

“For asking numerous, very interesting questions, and for chat participation.”

Runners up: amaziboogles14, imasnake123, inazuma, mistymagic.

Extreme Clean Zone

crazyxoxo, Sirius Academy

“Asked some very good questions.”

Runners up: danielfulton, sadia12345, bethen, candyxoxo, macncheese, genghisbranflakes, insaneharry.

Genes Zone

thequestionmaker, South Molton Community College

“They posted some really interesting questions.”

Runners up: tillieissocoollike, about80africans.

Particle Physics Zone

infintaneousdeath, Broadoak

“This student posted a few questions and was very good at leaving comments on their own questions as well as other students’.”

Runners up: deadlox, cake2001.

Stem Cells Zone

cookiejayden, The Warwick School

“The student asked some very good questions in ASK.”

Runners up: morgan12, syed, sarahlovescience, sciencesid, mkosoosaco, alishac, weaver007, lilpanda, ginganinja2211, lionking, lollyockham01, nateleya, aidansomanah, origoody, tixielicks, rishipatelnash, ryanator.

Tellurium Zone

azzaawesome, Lucton School

“This student didn’t post a lot of questions, but they were varied (afterlife, plants, etc). Also, they left some good comments.”

Runners up: carrotcake116, cakeey, pinkflower24, grimeche, roseymalone, jade021199.

Iodine Zone

dizzyg12, Churston Ferrers Grammar School

“For asking a huge number of very interesting questions, and for showing interest in the answers scientists gave. Also participated well in chats.”

Runners up: u12sangv, delaram123.

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  1. u12tsangv says:

    Thank you for this amazing event! I enjoyed it a lot because it made me very curious. Thanks to the great scientists and their detailed answers! 😀

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