June 2013 student winners announced!

After each event we ask all of the moderators and scientists to select students who they think asked great questions and engaged really well in the chats.

Well done to all of the student winners below, and also to the runners up and everyone who took part – so many of you came up with interesting questions and comments and were both polite and enthusiastic, but we could only pick one winner in each zone…


Winning Student


Animal Behaviour

gecko678, Malmesbury School“a lot of good questions and very active in the live chat as I recall. Also responsible for my learning that three-toed sloths have more vertebrae than any other mammal, a fact that is sure to come in handy…” wildlifebecky, dhirenharji


dirmy1, Caroline Chisholm School“really polite in the chats and always thanked the scientists and seemed to really appreciate and learn from their answers” bossman, piratepete, liamsnook, danielharford, sciencyfish


paigeandindiaxoxo, Bournemouth School for Girls“for interaction and interest in the live chats” dobbythehouseelf, funkygirl15,wimpole1


n3rdy, Stockley Academy“asked tons of advanced questions” aimeeisthebest, claudiaa


pranay900, Kingsbury High School“asked a lot of thought-provoking questions. Including the one which prompted everybody to test the flexibility of their fingers!” shrimpiesoup, sweetie, 10fortunem, eden4, 15wardg


rhooper821, Nisai Virtual Academy“really engaged in the questions” crouchingmurloc, chance786, curlysue2000, paige101, mcleanj02, josephineo


faegallagher, Holly Lodge Girls’ College“for two great live chat questions, and great engagement in general” evemackley, georgiechiko, chickeny


beccawilko, Ansford Academy“asked loads of really good questions and was always polite and communicable” bebebleu, mrhicks


curlybrace, Broadoak Maths and Computing College“I was amazed with some of the questions they were asking. They were almost like a journalist, following each question with a relevant and more probing one” spitfiremk1, gems

Extreme Speed

wizzyg12, Churston Ferrers Grammar School“for some great questions, including ‘how does a wormhole work? I had the most fun answering that question out of them all” lisaloo, slamdunkeroo


kelan, Loughborough Grammar School“asked lots of questions, Keith mentioned he particularly enjoyed answering them” abbie520, robertsaunt, sampalmer

Human Limits

nylepatel, Carshalton Boys Sports College“asked many questions and feel he learned from doing this, was also very polite”  lukeyboi2000, 16leddyb


spacenut1982, The Hertfordshire and Essex High School“they stood out with excellent questions, good comments on answers and showed an obvious passion for science and a boundless curiosity. We need not worry about the future of science with students like that” ledw, 11smithi

New Materials

07stoombs, Dukeries Academy“standout student” theantihiggs, jammydodger72x, bart1


rajathjackson, Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 Palakkad“for nearly 50 questions relating basic principles to advanced theoretical physics whilst also linking in the philisophical side in live chats” chickendibber, sanban


skywombar2000, Prior Park College“for asking some great questions” moaty, hgibbo1


soggysheepy, Sandon School“stood out as someone who asked a mix of questions, some everyday some quite complex. Also followed up questions and demonstrated some great scientific thinking” ecedixon, tobyseely14, devilyman


myersh, Gresham’s School“asked excellent questions in the Ask section and participated particularly well in the live chats” k9markred, 10kasjoha, cerysgreenfield

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7 Responses to June 2013 student winners announced!

  1. rajathjackson says:

    Thanks a lot……….this was a great event………a great thanks for organizing it…….

  2. samgeen says:

    Congrats! And everyone who asked great questions.

  3. gecko678 says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed the talking to all the scientists and I’ve learned so much from them. Winning the Animal Behaviour Zone was very exciting! I can’t wait until next year.

  4. wizzyg12 says:

    Awww, thanks everybody. It was so brilliant 😀 Thanks to all those great scientists.

  5. spitfiremk1 says:

    Thank you. it was AMAZING!!

  6. n3rdy says:

    I am glad to win. This was a great experiance for the scientists and me. I learnt a lot and enjoyed asking questions to the scientists. There should be more competitions like this one so more people will get intrigued by science. This will probably be my last comment so bye guys. Good luck for the future.

  7. beccawilko says:

    Thanks, can’t believe that I eachly won something out of so many people! I was very surprised too. I in joyed it too.
    Thanks again from beccawilko

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