Day 5: bogies, blebbing and nanobots!

Is eating bogies good for you? Image by R Neil Marshman.

Is eating bogies good for you? Image by R Neil Marshman.

We’ve had 372 questions and 24 live chats this week and now it’s time for everyone to have a well earned rest.

In live chats today students have been getting to know the scientists:

cupcakes5000 : have any of you ever fainted during an experiment, or at the sight of blood?

louisestanley : @cupcakes5000 yes! I stab myself accidently with a needle before and I had to sit down for a bit!

In the Cancer Zone students have been finding out if brain cancer could accidentally enhance your brain power

and if we can use nanobots to cure cancer.

While Cells Zone scientists have been letting us know about their worst experiments, giving us the lowdown on how cells come together to form an object and what blebbing is.

And in Genes Zone students wanted to know if pathogens can die without being treated and if eating bogies is good for you (gross!)

Students can ask more questions over the weekend, and vote for the scientists they want to keep in the game.

There are loads more live chats next week to provide plenty of entertainment. Scientist Katie said she’s been “having a lot of laugh out loud moments in the office this week!

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  1. robertinsall says:

    Outrage. Blebbing may be a cell biology question, but it was the cancer zone that dicussed it.

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