• Get your students enthused about science

    ASK CHAT VOTE I'm a Scientist science education activity

    A free online event where school students get to meet and interact with scientists. It’s a free X Factor-style competition between scientists, where the students are the judges.

    Students challenge the scientists over fast-paced online text-based live CHATs. They ASK the scientists anything they want, and VOTE for their favourite scientist to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public.

  • What you need to know

    What’s involved?

    Students interact with real scientists online and learn about How Science Works. It engages students who aren’t usually interested in science because it’s real and they get a say in which scientist gets the £500 prize money. Students can Ask, Chat and Vote!

    How much time?

    The event is very flexible. For your students to get the most out of the event we recommend spending 2-3 lessons on it.


    Most students who take part are KS3 (Year 8-9) but it works for students in Year 7 up to post 16 students too. We now run zones just for Year 5 & 6 Primary students, too.


    The event itself lasts for 2 weeks, but the site will be online for two weeks beforehand so that you can do the background work.

    We normally run 3 main events a year; in November, March and June. But register now and we’ll let you know about any other events we run throughout the year.


    I’m a Scientist is designed to help teachers deliver the How Science Works (HSW) curriculum and bring real science to life for your students.

    How secure?

    Only students with our registration cards can log in. We only send these out once a teacher has registered. All online contented is strictly moderated to protect students’ identities and information.

    Read more event information here…

    If you have any questions, then please email us on admin@imascientist.org.uk or call 01225 326892.

  • Teaching Resources

    These sections have all the teaching materials that we’ve developed for the event I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! They are designed to bring How Science Works (HSW) to life and develop students’ debating and discussion skills.

    We believe that information should be free, especially in education, so this part of the site is accessible to everyone. All teachers (and anyone else) are free to use anything we’ve created on the site. This material has been created by Gallomanor (unless otherwise stated) and we have NOT copyrighted it. All material is licensed under a (CC) Creative Commons attribution license.

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