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Connect your T Level science students with members of professional bodies with I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here.

Students are preparing for the world of work. Part of that preparation is to know more about being a member of a professional body and what that looks like.


Book a Professional Body themed activity at a time that suits you.

In live, online, text-based Chats, your students connect with members of professional bodies from the Science Council, Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Biology and the Institute of Physics.

Students can:

  • Meet people who have experiences in technician roles
  • Explore member benefits, CPD opportunities and future career paths
  • Ask questions about being part of a professional body

It’s quick and easy to set up, and text-only – no audio or video required.

It’s accessible from the classroom or home, and is super-flexible – you book chats at times that suit you and your classes.

Thanks to funding from the Science Council, this activity is completely free for UK state-maintained schools.

Students get to:

  • Learn about up to 30 relevant scientists, through their profiles, including their CVs
  • Connect with researchers in 30-minute, text-based, online Chats
  • Deepen their understanding and continue engaging with the scientists by sending follow-up questions
  • Decide which scientist deserves the £500 winner’s prize
  • Review their learning through a facilitated discussion

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What teachers say:

“Incredibly easy to set up and run”

“My students loved their involvement and I was amazed at some of the questions they asked”