✋STEM Ambassadors

Inspire the next generation: connect with school students from across the UK. Take part in fast-paced, instant messaging-style Chats and answer students’ questions.

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Help students to see themselves in science. In reading about you and your work, the topics that students learn about in the classroom become more than just things to remember for a test: they’re shown to have relevance to real life, now and in the future.

The activity is flexible and works around your schedule – join in at the times that suit you. It’s all online and text-only. No preparation or travel needed.

It takes 2 minutes to apply. We’ll be in touch when we have a space for you on one of our activities.

The STEM Ambassadors scheme supports I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here.

The STEM Ambassador programme volunteers work with young people in schools and in the community to inspire the next generation from all backgrounds to explore STEM and consider the diverse range of careers in STEM, research and innovation.

Rewarding public engagement

By taking part you’ll get to:

  • Inspire the next generation in STEM
  • Support students to see science as ‘for them’ and break down stereotypes of what a scientist is ‘supposed’ to be
  • Show students that what they learn in class has real-world applications
  • Improve your public engagement skills in “the best crash-course in science communication”

Connect with students rather than talking at them

I’m a Scientist is student-led. The questions put to you will be those that the students really care about, not what they think they should ask.

The text-based platform gives every student an equal voice, from the most confident to the most shy, and actively engages 89% of participating students.

Flexible to suit your schedule

You choose when to take part in 30-minute live Chats with students and when to answer their follow-up questions on the site.

You’ll retain control over your availability: block off days when you can’t take part, set the number of Chats you can manage per week – we’ll arrange the rest.

You should expect to spend an average of an hour and a half per month engaging with students across the academic year.

🗨️ What scientists say:

“The questions asked were both fun and challenging, keeping me on my toes at all times and giving me a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for my own research”

“Love, love, loving taking part in @imascientist, so much fun, very engaging”

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