Free STEM Teaching Resources

On this page you’ll find all the enrichment teaching materials we’ve developed for the I’m a Scientist event. They’re designed to develop students’ debating and discussion skills, and help the event run as smoothly as possible, making science come alive in your classroom.

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Materials for running the event

free STEM teaching resourcesTeacher notes

Top Teacher Tips

Video resources

Additional materials to use with the lesson plans

We’ve prepared some suggested lesson plans to help run the event, you’ll find these above in the Teacher Notes. Below you’ll find some additional resources to use in conjunction with the lesson plans.

Lesson 1: “You’re the Judges!”

Lesson 2: “Meet the Scientists”

Other materials and useful links on the site

  • Guide to live chat transcripts (PDF) — Live chat transcripts can be useful tools for the students to reflect on the lesson, and to look in more detail at the questions and answers from the chat. This guide will show you how to download the transcript, and how to use the data in the file.
  • Evictions poster (PDF)
  • Student Data: What we ask for and why (PDF) – about how we use students information in compliance with GDPR.
  • Staffroom – The staffroom is open during the two weeks of the event from 9am to 5pm. You can chat with the moderators and it’s a great place to get help quickly.

Talk about taking part

Schools’ media toolkit

Taking part in I’m a Scientist is a great opportunity to engage your students in science. But perhaps you hadn’t considered that it’s also a fantastic opportunity for you to engage the local media – and in turn your local community – with your school.

We have put together a Media Engagement Toolkit to help lead your colleagues through the process of pain-free media engagement. Share it with your school secretary, business manager or headteacher as appropriate.

Ideally use this kit to garner press interest while the event is taking place. But if for whatever reason you don’t manage to engage the media during the event, don’t worry. You could still get some follow-up interest by taking some simple steps during the event to capture the mood and experiences. And you’ll also have resources at hand for any future use in newsletters, blog posts, poster displays and the like.

Please do take advantage of this toolkit to generate the positive publicity your school and students deserve.

Promotional materials and artwork

We’ve put together some useful materials and information about the I’m a Scientist project, that can be used in blog posts, emails, and newsletters. It includes information about the project, links to artwork, and flyers.

Debate ethical issues in science with your studentsDebate Kits

Our science debate kits are designed to help students develop discussion skills around scientific issues and learn about the limitations of science and the potential ethical questions surrounding it.

We believe that information should be free, especially in education, so this part of the site is accessible to everyone. All teachers (and anyone else) are free to use anything we’ve created on the site. This material has been created by Gallomanor (unless otherwise stated) and we have NOT copyrighted it. All material is licensed under a (CC) Creative Commons attribution license.