Guarantee places for your STEM professionals

STEM professionals applying for I’m a Scientist, I’m an Engineer, or I’m a Mathematician go on to the waiting list of 1,500+ people. Last year, 12% got a place. This doesn’t help institutions who want their employees to receive the benefits of the ‘best crash course in science communication’ on a consistent basis.

Institutions can guarantee places for their employees in I’m a Scientist, I’m an Engineer, or I’m a Mathematician and the Academy Zone online course, through purchasing Packages, building capacity and quality of engagement.
The Academy Zone Training Packages are designed to allow you to build support across your institution by consolidating departmental commitments in one economical package. We have evidence, research and case studies that would help support your internal requests for funding.
To ask about the package options below, or get an estimate for something more tailored, contact or call 01225 326 892.

Photo: Bogdana

If I had not been part of the Academy Zone, I would have not had the confidence that I could actually undertake outreach.
Bogdana, Early career researcher


Online public engagement helps bridge the divide between institutions and schools– and it’s not only school students who benefit.

Participation in I’m a Scientist, I’m an Engineer, or I’m a Mathematician  and the Academy Zone training course can help improve the quality of, and build capacity for public engagement at your institution.

Boost your employee’s engagement


I didn’t really know much about public engagement before taking part… I’m a Scientist really inspired me to get involved with more!
Suzi, PhD researcher

I’m a Scientist, I’m an Engineer, and I’m a Mathematician are low pressure activities for STEM professionals to ‘dip their toes’ into public engagement. Seeing students’ enthusiasm for their work gives STEM professionals the confidence and motivation to do more outreach.

Those with less previous experience increase their public engagement activities by 130% in the year following I’m a Scientist/Engineer/Mathematician


Improve communication skills


The whole thing was very two-way… Some of the analogies I totally plagiarised from the students!
Max, PhD researcher

From day one,I’m a Scientist/Engineer/Mathematician is effective experiential training for STEM professionals in engaging the public. STEM professionals get to hone phrases over two weeks, helped by honest student feedback.

94% of ECR’s surveyed said taking part had improved their communication skills. 


Build capacity for high quality engagement


The Academy Zone course gave me more perspective on exactly why I wanted to take part and gave me points to consider when planning future activities.
Savannah, PhD researcher

The Academy Zone is a short online course for STEM professionals to take alongside participation in I’m a Scientist/Engineer/Mathematician. Based on the NCCPE Engage Framework, it helps individuals understand the fundamentals of quality public engagement and Science Capital concepts at the same time as engaging students.

Supported by a science communication lecturer, STEM professionals answer questions getting them to think about important principles such as purpose, audience needs and appropriate engagement methods. 


Reach audiences in most need


As we don’t have a major university very near us, students wouldn’t get this chance otherwise

Online engagement allows your institution to engage school students who might otherwise miss out on STEM enrichment.

Schools more than 30 minutes drive from a research intensive Higher Education Institution are half as likely to get a visit from a university researcher as those within 15 minutes drive.

Get your employees involved

There’s a long list of STEM professionals wanting to take part in I’m a Scientist/Engineer/Mathematician, but only a limited number of places each activity.

Email, or call 01225 326 892, to discuss funding to create space for your STEM professionals in I’m a Scientist/Engineer/Mathematician and the Academy Zone course.