🔎 Royal Institution: CHRISTMAS LECTURES

This year the Royal Institution’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES are all about Artificial Intelligence – a game-changer in our digital world.

AI is already in our lives. School students play online games with AI NPCs, or use TikTok or Snapchat augmented reality effects (but hopefully don’t ask Chat GPT to do their homework).

We all need to understand what AI can really do and what risks are involved in developing such ground-breaking technology. Students can ask their questions to the people in the know!

They’ll be able to have discussions with the top researchers in the field and chat with people working on AI in healthcare and robotics. They’ll explore how AI and humans might interact in the future. 


We’re looking forward to reading questions like:

  • Will AI take all our jobs?
  • Why should I study for tests if I can just ask AI for answers in real life?
  • How can you prove you’re not an AI bot? 
  • Could an evil AI end humanity?

If you’re a teacher with a class of minds curious about AI then connect them with researchers in January. 

Connect your class with AI researchers ❯

To continue the conversations in class you might want to check out our new Debate Kit. It encourages students to discuss a range of issues around AI and consider the pros and cons of this fast evolving technology.

Find out more and order your free printed Debate Kit ❯


We’ve still got spaces for scientists and support staff to join in the conversations. Whether you’re a computer scientist, an ethicist, lawyer or in one of the myriad of roles supporting the development of AI in the UK, please sign up:

Find out how to participate in January ❯

The I’m a Scientist student-led enrichment activity complements the CHRISTMAS LECTURES series. In 2024 we’ll be celebrating our 10th year of working with the Royal Institution to introduce school students to the real-life researchers working on the lectures’ fascinating topics.

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