Who’s taking part in the Hydrogen Zone?

Throughout September, students can connect with scientists in the Hydrogen Zone.

Students can Ask questions, Chat to them, and Vote for their favourite to win a £500 prize for more outreach activities.

The scientists are working on lots of different and exciting things.

Here are just a few of the people taking part:


Profile picture of Khalid Teli
Khalid Teli
Software solutions developer 💻
Profile picture of Giles Strong
Giles Strong
Guitar-playing particle physicist 🎸
Profile picture of Alex Snow
Alex Snow
Climbing skiing biology-human 🧗‍♂️
Profile picture of Jacqueline Siu
Jacqueline Siu
Outdoor-loving immunologist 💉
Profile picture of Ciarán McInerney
Ciarán McInerney
Questions, handstands and cake 🍰
Profile picture of Malcolm Mccartney
Malcolm Mccartney
Infectious virologist & bookworm 📚
Profile picture of Gaby Mayorga Adame
Gaby Mayorga Adame
Woman, Mexican, Oceanographer ⛵
Profile picture of Jacob Maresca
Jacob Maresca
PhD student studying galaxies 🌌
Profile picture of Yueng Lenn
Yueng Lenn
Woman, oceanographer, swimmer 🌊
Profile picture of Andrew Hone
Andrew Hone
Music-loving maths boy 🎵
Profile picture of Chris Henstridge
Chris Henstridge
Human brain investigator 🧠
Profile picture of Katie Emery
Katie Emery
Artistic gaming scientist 🎨
Profile picture of Nordine Helassa
Nordine Helassa
Badminton-addict biochemist 🏸
Profile picture of Pam Harrison
Pam Harrison
Quiet, confident, enthusiastic 🥼
Profile picture of Jade Eyles
Jade Eyles
Adventurous, Smiley, Arty 🌄
Profile picture of Holly Duns
Holly Duns
Digital forensics scientist 🕵️‍♀️
Profile picture of Catriona Cunningham
Catriona Cunningham
Crafty cat-loving neuroscientist 🐈
Profile picture of Lara Crespo
Lara Crespo
Scientist, teacher and Galician 👩‍🔬
Profile picture of Lucy Craddock
Lucy Craddock
Artificial Intelligence Scientist 🤖
Profile picture of Richard Collins
Richard Collins
Magnets, chemistry, reader 🧲
Profile picture of Judy Bettridge
Judy Bettridge
Chocoholic epidemiologist mum 🍫

Take a look at all the scientists taking part ❯

Teachers: Book a live Chat from your dashboard ❯

You can see where the scientists are from on the map below:

Map showing where those taking part are based

We look forward to you joining us in the Hydrogen Zone!

Mod Em and the Hydrogen Zone Team

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