Who’s taking part in the Blue Zone

From the 1st September, I’m a Scientist is On Demand!

Teachers and students can connect with scientists all term. Every month a new zone with new scientists opens, keeping it fresh and exciting for everyone.

The Blue Zone takes place between the 1st and 25th September, funded by UKRI.

Over four weeks, students will put their questions to 30 scientists from across the UK. Students vote for their favourite scientist to win £500 for further STEM engagement.

The scientists have a huge range of backgrounds and experiences, including:

  • Georgia, Research Technician with Johnson Matthey
  • Fatma, Senior Forensic Scientist at LGC
  • Adam, Quantum Physicist at the University of Sussex.

Find out more about the scientists taking part, and the schools that have registered, using the map below.
Teachers and Scientists: Get involved in future zones in I’m a Scientist: On Demand.

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