Book your I’m a Scientist, Stay at home Live Chat!

Chat bookings are LIVE for I’m a Scientist, Stay at home for the coming weeks! Book your live chat here:

I’m a Scientist. Stay at home is designed to give you and your students a chance to reconnect safely with each other and science as a whole. You can watch an example live chat here to see what it’s like. Through a series of live chats and submitting questions to ‘ASK’. Students can decide which scientist gets their vote to be crowned ‘Scientist of the Week’. 

Live chats have been busy with tonnes of questions for our scientists. Students have been discovering everything from how a scientist started in their job to qualifications they’ve taken and what they had for breakfast. Students may even discover a future job they didn’t know existed!

Let’s take a look at the zones we have open: 

Medical Research Zone

The Medical Research Zone is host to 30 scientists. They are ready to answer questions on everything, from animal testing to vaccines. We’ve loved reading questions on how your memory works to how scientists are developing a vaccine for Covid-19. 

The scientists’ expertise spans across the field of medical research. Research topics are diverse – we have a scientist covering the biological clocks of krill! Another, is  investigating the impact of diet and exercise on the lungs.

An excerpt from a Medical Research live chat

Psychology Zone

16 psychologists are waiting for questions on this zone – whether it be the science behind mental health, or the role of robotics in society. One super interesting question so far asked about schizophrenia and it’s most effective treatment.

We’re looking forward to seeing you online soon!

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter @imascientist and follow the hashtag #IASUK.

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