Who’s taking part: March 2020

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! is back this March. Between Monday 9th and Friday 20th, students at over 130 schools will be putting their questions to 80+ scientists across 14 different zones.

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter @imascientist, and follow the hashtag, #IASUK.

Let’s meet the scientists and schools taking part…

Antimicrobial Zone

The Antimicrobial Zone is a themed zone supported by Wellcome.

Lucy Kelly | PhD Student, University of Warwick

I use viruses to kill harmful bacteria

Gregory Heikel | Trainee Clinical Scientist, City Hospital, Nottingham

I help to figure out what is making people feel ill by looking at the results of blood tests.

Emma Hayhurst | Lecturer, University of South Wales

I teach people about tiny bugs called bacteria, and I work in hospitals and with poo to try to work out how to stop the spread of dangerous bacteria called superbugs

David Mark | PhD Student, University of Strathclyde

I isolate new species of bacteria from the soil and see if, how, and why they kill bad bacteria!

Anthony De Souza | Healthcare Scientist, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Anna Stec | Clinical engineer, Lincoln County Hospital

I use my knowledge about medical devices to help pharmacists choose the right testing device, so that they can check if a patient has bacterial infection and needs antibiotics or not

The Schools

  • Aquinas College, Stockport
  • Darrick Wood School, Orpington
  • Dunbar Grammar School, East Lothian
  • Guiseley School, Leeds
  • Kilkeel High School, Newry
  • Lymm High School, Lymm
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Ashbourne
  • Rainham Mark Grammar School, Gillingham
  • The Deanery Church of England High School and Sixth Form, Wigan
  • The Manor Academy, Mansfield

Childhood Zone

The Childhood Zone is a themed zone supported by British Psychological Society.

Rachel Reid | Educational Psychologist, Independent Practice

I advise school staff on how best to support children and young people from ages 3 and up who have learning/SEN related difficulties and/or mental health needs.

Priya Silverstein | Postdoctoral Researcher, Lancaster University

I study how babies and children learn different things. At the moment, I study how playing with Lego might help kids become better at maths!

Jessica Pope | PhD Student, Edge Hill University

I’m working on a project to see how teenagers with cancer cope with going back to normal life after they’ve had the all clear.

Dan O’Hare | Educational Psychologist, University of Bristol

I work in schools with children, parents and teachers and we try to make sure that all children can learn and that they can achieve their hopes and aspirations.

Beatrice Hayes | PhD Student, Royal Holloway, University of London

I investigate what children and teens think about the risks and benefits of social media use, and how this affects mental health.

Tom Gallagher-Mitchell | Cognitive Development Psychologist, Liverpool Hope University

I teach students about how the brain works, how our social skills change with age and how we learn.

The Schools

  • Burford School, Burford
  • Caerleon Comprehensive School, Newport
  • Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs
  • Egglescliffe School, Stockton-on-Tees
  • Furness Academy, Barrow-in-Furness
  • Hayesfield Girls School, Bath
  • Ormskirk School, Ormskirk
  • St Ambrose Barlow RC High School, Manchester
  • St John Rigby RC Sixth Form College, Wigan
  • The Thomas Adams School, Shrewsbury
  • The Westgate School, Slough

Community Zone

The Community Zone is a themed zone supported by British Psychological Society.

Peter Kinderman | Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Liverpool

I study the reasons why people develop mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and what we can do to help.

Mhairi Bowe | Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University

I am a social psychologist who studies lived experiences of the social world, social relationships and the environment, and explores the impact of social relationships on mental health and well-being.

Madeleine Pownall | PhD Student, University of Leeds

Is it true that pregnant women are slow, ditsy, and forgetful? I’m not so sure. My research looks at the social stereotypes associated with pregnant women.

Catherine Talbot | PhD Student, University of Exeter

I look at how people with dementia use social media to express themselves, connect with others, and challenge stereotypes.

Andrew McNeill | Lecturer, Northumbria University

I explore how people respond to being victims of wars and conflicts.

The Schools

  • Caerleon Comprehensive School, Newport
  • Canon Slade CofE School, Bolton
  • Colmers School and Sixth Form College, Birmingham
  • Egglescliffe School, Stockton-on-Tees
  • Furness Academy, Barrow-in-Furness
  • Hayesfield Girls School, Bath
  • Ormskirk School, Ormskirk
  • Space Studio West London, Hounslow
  • St Ambrose Barlow RC High School, Manchester
  • St John Rigby RC Sixth Form College, Wigan
  • The Thomas Adams School, Shrewsbury

Copernicium Zone

The Copernicium Zone is a general zone supported by STFC.

James Roberts | Research Scientist, UK Atomic Energy Authority

I design and test components that will take heat out of the plasma in a fusion reactor – which is a future energy source and the hottest place in the known universe

Hannah Blyth | PhD Student, University of Nottingham

I work on finding out how a fungus causes disease on wheat leaves. To do this I make changes to the fungus’ DNA and test what that does to its ability to cause the disease.

Claire Hobday | Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Edinburgh

I study how we can change the molecules we use to cool down our fridge to be more environmentally friendly and more efficient materials!

Chris Carlton | Programme Manager, STFC

I manage a panel of experts which assess physics proposals for funding from the Science and Technology Facilities Council

Binuraj Menon | Lecturer, University of Warwick

I wipe out dangerous bugs and for you I make the best protein soups in this town!

Alice Rhind-Tutt | PhD Student, University ofSheffield

I am a PhD student in biophysics, researching an enzyme and the role it plays in genetic mutations linked to disease

The Schools

  • Brampton Manor Academy, London
  • Colne Community School and College, Colchester
  • Northfield School and Sports College, Billingham
  • Reepham High School and College, Norwich
  • Sale High School, Sale
  • Sandymoor, Runcorn
  • St Mary’s Catholic High School, Croydon
  • The Bishops’ Blue Coat Church of England High School, Chester
  • The Petchey Academy, London

Electromagnetic Zone

The Electromagnetic Zone is a themed zone supported by STFC.

Megan Maunder | PhD Student, University of Exeter

The Sun is constantly giving out energy. Sometimes this is in the form of large bursts of mass which hurdle towards Earth and can cause what we call Space Weather. I observe these large objects to try and learn more about them.

Katherine Graves | PhD STudent, University of Leeds

My experiments turn plastic waste into more valuable things, which I look at using x-rays and microscopes.

Jesse Dykes | Optical Scientist, Qinetiq

I work out clever ways to fire lasers through the air, and hopefully into space and back.

Dave Constable | Postdoctoral Researcher, Lancaster University

I study the aurora at the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn. I use computer simulations to try and understand how they work.

Arjuna James | PhD Student, University of Oxford

I study Uranus & Neptune, the two planets that are furthest away from the Sun in our Solar System. I use pictures taken with big telescopes on the Earth & in space to study the atmospheres of both planets.

Amelia Edwards | PhD Student, CERN

I test new technology which will be used in the future to accelerate electrons by 100 million volts every metre

The Schools

  • Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School, Brentwood
  • Brighton Hill Community School, Basingstoke
  • Greenacre School, Chatham
  • John F Kennedy Catholic School, Hemel Hempstead
  • Northwood School, Northwood
  • Prestatyn High School, Denbighshire
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School, Barnet
  • Robert May’s School, Hook
  • The Petchey Academy, London

Energy Zone

The Energy Zone is a themed zone supported by Royal Society of Chemistry.

Struan Simpson | PhD Student, University of Aberdeen

I’m making new materials that have a really good memory to help quantum computers remember things!

Lottie Hoskin | PhD Student, University of Oxford

I am making a biological battery to act as an artificial retina.

Isabel Cooley | PhD Student, University of Nottingham

I use computer models to help design energy saving materials.

Emma Stewart | Analytical scientist, CPI

Douglas Bray | PhD Student, University of Leeds

In my work I use Water Hyacinth, a plant that lives in tropical water, to make protein for animal food and gas so that villagers can cook. Water Hyacinth kills all animals that live in the water so we need to find ways to use it.

David Threlfall | Lifecycle Engineer, Rolls Royce

My job is to make sure that aeroplane engines will keep flying safely.

The Schools

  • Bedwas High School, Caerphilly
  • Brockhill Park Performing Arts College, Hythe
  • Colton Hills Community School, Wolverhampton
  • Ridgewood High School, Stourbridge
  • Smithdon High School, Hunstanton
  • South Wilts Grammar School for Girls, Salisbury
  • St Anne’s Roman Catholic High School, Stockport
  • St John’s School & Sixth Form College, Bishop Auckland
  • The Holmesdale School, Snodland

Flerovium Zone

The Flerovium Zone is a general zone supported by STFC.

Tom Dally | Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Leeds

I use technology like sound and radar to identify different insects and keep track of their numbers across the country.

Rebecca Wong | Safety Case Consultant, Wood plc

I assess the hazards on nuclear sites to make sure they can operate safely.

Emily Goddard | PhD Student, University of Edinburgh

I melt and freeze salts hundreds of times to try to make heating your home greener and cheaper.

Elspeth Keating | Research Fellow, University of Warwick

Before materials can get used to make things for everyday, scientists have to look at them in detail to decide if they will work. That’s my job. I break things for a living so you don’t have to.

Ben Cropper | PhD Student, University of Manchester

I blast interesting nuclei with hydrogen (mostly), see what comes out, and from that work out properties of these nuclei, which can help particle physicists with their work on the most mysterious known fundamental particle – the neutrino.

Antoine Bourget | Theoretical Physicist, Imperial College London

I study the world at the most fundamental level, which means trying to provide an answer to questions such as ‘What are we made of?’ and ‘Where do we come from?’

The Schools

  • Egglescliffe School, Stockton-on-Tees
  • Greenacre School, Chatham
  • Haverstock School, London
  • Heathfield Community School, Taunton
  • Peter Symonds College, Winchester
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Blackburn
  • Robert May’s School, Hook
  • The Sir Robert Woodard Academy, Sompting
  • Towers School and Sixth Form Centre, Ashford

Food Zone

The Food Zone is a themed zone supported by Wellcome.

Ross Alexander | Lecturer, Heriot Watt University

I study how plants cope when they get stressed out.

Natalia Filvarova | PhD Student, Fraunhofer Institute

I look at how your brain puts together different senses (vision, taste, smell) to create tastier food and cooler packaging for your favorite treats.

Martin Johnsson | Postdoctorqal Researcher, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

I use computers to study the DNA of pigs and chickens.

Gabriela da Silva Xavier | Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham

I am a scientist and I am interested in how our bodies control energy balance.

Eleanor Spence | PhD Student, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

To reduce the number of chemicals that we use on farms, I collect fungus from the environment and spray fungal spores onto crops which will cause disease in insect pests but not harm beneficial insects, the environment or us!

Chukwuka Ano | Research Scientist, National Root Crop Researcyh Institute, Nigeria

My work is all about trying to improve crops so that there will be more food to feed everyone

The Schools

  • Consett Academy, Consett
  • Dagenham Park CofE School, Dagenham
  • Down High School, Downpatrick
  • Hayesfield Girls School, Bath
  • John F Kennedy Catholic School, Hemel Hempstead
  • Kemnay Academy, Aberdeenshire
  • St Ursula’s Convent School, London
  • The Holmesdale School, Snodland
  • The Holy Cross School, New Malden
  • Upton Court Grammar School, Slough

Livermorium Zone

The Livermorium Zone is a general zone supported by STFC.

Zoya Ali | Geneticist, RHC

I specialize in prenatal and reproductive genetics. I work with people trying to have babies and then monitor the babies through pregnancy for genetic abnormalities.

Stacey New | Climate Scientist, Met Office

I work with scientists around the world to develop climate services that help people understand the potential impacts of climate change.

Laura Mason | Forensic Researcher, DSTL

I work as a Forensic researcher where I look at making new methods, or ways to make existing methods better that mean we can find evidence from items given to our labs by the police.

James Lees | PhD Student, University of York

I work making a tiny themometer for measuring how hot things are at a scale of just hundreds of atoms.

Connor Prior | PhD Student, University of Birmingham

My work consists of trying to make new compounds which could provide new ways to make medicines

Tom Scott | Lecturer, University of Bristol

I develop nano-materials for cleaning water at a low cost

The Schools

  • Dagenham Park CofE School, Dagenham
  • Haverstock School, London
  • Kingsmead Academy, Taunton
  • Saddleworth School, Oldham
  • Springwood High School, King’s Lynn
  • St Alban’s Catholic High School, Ipswich
  • The Elton High School, Bury
  • The Westgate School, Slough

Molecule Zone

The Molecule Zone is a themed zone supported by ScotCHEM.

Peter Brown | PhD Student, University of St Andrews

I work on building more efficient and durable solar panels to combat climate change

Elliott Reedy | PhD Student, Univeristy of Edinburgh

I study various molecules that are thought might be present in the gas clouds and dust between stars, known as the interstellar medium.

Danica Pinto | PhD Student, Heriot Watt University

I use spectroscopy to study molecules

Ane Valera | PhD Student, University of Aberdeen

I make changes to bug’s DNA so that they can produce a material used for car windscreens.

Áine O’Brien | PhD Student, University of Glasgow

I fire lasers and x-rays at rocks from Mars to see if Mars has the building blocks of life.

Zahra Rattray | Research Fellow and Lecturer, University of Strathclyde

Mairi Littleson | Medicinal Chemist, University of Dundee

I design and make new medicines to cure diseases!

The Schools

  • Alford Academy, Aberdeenshire
  • Auchinleck Academy, East Ayrshire
  • Consett Academy, Consett
  • Dundee and Angus College, Dundee
  • Glen Urquhart High School, Highland
  • Kepier, Houghton le Spring
  • Kirkbie Kendal School, Kendal
  • Kirkcudbright Academy, Dumfries & Galloway
  • Parkside Academy, Crook
  • Shimna Integrated College, Newcastle, County Down
  • Smithycroft Secondary School, Glasgow
  • Walker Technology College, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Moscovium Zone

The Moscovium Zone is a general zone supported by STFC.

Dan Brunsdon | Medical Anthropologist, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

I go to  speak to people who are sick, their family members, and health workers, then try to understand what needs to be done to prevent more people getting sick.

Martha Jesson | Intelligence Coordinator , Healthwatch England

I help to improve care services for patients.

Jennifer Carroll | Nuclear scientist, Wood plc

I design changes to nuclear power stations to help keep the reactors operating and generating the electricity you use everyday at home and at school.

Ben Rowsell | PhD Student, University of Bristol

I work to develop new methods of producing drugs and sustainable production of industrial products.

Baptiste Ravina | PhD Student, University of Sheffield

I am studying the production of particles created by hitting other particles together in the lab

The Schools

  • Ashby School, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
  • Ashton Community Science College, Preston
  • Barton Court Grammar School, Canterbury
  • Harris Academy Wimbledon, London
  • St Alban’s Catholic High School, Ipswich
  • The Cornelius Vermuyden School, Canvey Island
  • The Sir Robert Woodard Academy, Sompting
  • Towers School and Sixth Form Centre, Ashford

Nihonium Zone

The Nihonium Zone is a themed zone supported by Wellcome.

Pan-ngum Wirichada | Lecturer, Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Mahidol University

I am interested in public health issues, neglected tropical diseases in particular.

Natalia Brodaczewska | Trainee Clinical Scientist, NHS

I help to diagnose and treat cancer patients by looking at their DNA.

Mick Schubert | Science writer and editor, Texere Publishing

I write about science and help make it interesting and easy for everyone to understand

Filipe Richheimer | PhD Student, National Physical Laboratory

I measure objects that are so small we cannot see them with our eyes

Bruce Saleeb-Mousa | PhD Student, University of Nottingham

I am designing, making and testing tiny devices which can change the direction of the path of a light beam to switch signals on and off.

Manjit Kaur | Dermatologist, University of Birmingham

The Schools

  • Christ Church CofE Primary School, Chesterfield
  • Clytha Primary School, Newport
  • Friskney All Saints Church of England Primary School, Boston
  • Heathfield International School, Bangkok
  • Hill of Banchory School, Banchory
  • Hodthorpe Primary School, Worksop
  • Holy Trinity Church of England VC Primary School, Weymouth
  • Kenmont Primary School, London
  • Llanyrafon Primary School, Torfaen
  • St Mark’s CofE Primary School, Manchester
  • St Winefride’s RC Primary School, London
  • The Sydney Russell School, Dagenham

Particles Zone

The Particles Zone is a themed zone supported by STFC.

Jordan McElwee | PhD Student, University of Sheffield

I study how neutrinos (one of the smallest particles we know) interact with the atomic nucleus and also how light travels through our detector

Edward Banks | Lab technician, STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory

I work deep underground at the bottom of a mine, running experiments that need the very quiet conditions that we have down here; including looking for Dark matter.

Christine Beavers | Principal Beamline Scientist, Diamond Light Source

I use high energy X-rays to see the atomic structure of minerals, materials and molecules.

Alice Morris | PhD Student, UCL

I look at data from the ATLAS detector at CERN

Eleanor Jones | PhD Student, University of Warwick

Using the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, I am able to look back in time and predict the future.

Ondrej Kovanda | Doctoral Researcher, University of Sussex

I am pin-pointing pieces where our theories of how the universe works fail.

The Schools

  • Bingley Grammar School, Bingley
  • Bournemouth School, Bournemouth
  • Hayesfield Girls School, Bath
  • High Storrs School, Sheffield
  • Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre, Reading
  • Loreto College, St Albans
  • MidKent College, Gillingham
  • St Dominic’s High School, Belfast
  • The West Bridgford School, Nottingham
  • Wyvern Academy, Darlington

Space Zone

The Space Zone is a themed zone supported by STFC.

Samantha Faircloth | PhD Student, Open University

I study chemical elements from moon rocks

Sam Frampton | PhD Student, University of Leicester

I am designing new, smaller satellites to visit and study other planets in our solar system.

Nicol Caplin | Science Coordinator for Astrobiology, ESA

I am the science coordinator for ESA astrobiology projects on the International Space Station

Lori-Ann Foley | PhD Student, Open University

I study the climate on Mars to see how the weather affects the surface, whether there was water and life there, and how the climate has changed over time.

Liam Perera | PhD Student, University of Edinburgh

I look at how life may survive on Saturn’s icy moon – Enceladus. I freeze microbes down to very cold temperatures to see at what happens.

David Sobral | Associate Professor, Lancaster University

I use the best telescopes in the World and in space as time-machines to discover and study galaxies across cosmic time, with one of the most famous being CR7, the brightest galaxy in the early Universe.

The Schools

  • Aberlady Primary School, Aberlady
  • Birkbeck Primary School, Sidcup
  • Brompton-Westbrook Primary School, Gillingham
  • Creswell Junior School, Worksop
  • Gunton Primary Scsdemy, Lowestoft
  • Holy Trinity Church of England VC Primary School, Weymouth
  • Irchester Community Primary School, Wellingborough
  • Mill O’Forest School, Aberdeenshire
  • Richard Taylor Church of England Primary School, Harrogate
  • St Peter’s Primary School, London
  • Whittington CofE Primary School, Worcester
  • Woodlawn School, Whitley Bay

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