Student Winners – March 2019

During every event we ask the scientists and moderators to select the students who stood out for them: the students they thought asked the best questions, or engaged most in the live chats.

Well done to all of the student winners, and everyone who took part. There were so many interesting questions, and comments, but there is only one voucher to be won in each zone. So, for fantastic engagement during the event, for posting brilliant questions and comments, the student winners below will each receive a certificate and a gift voucher.

Drug Discovery Zone

Winner: Carina, St Mary’s School for Girls

Imaging Zone

Winners: science_qween.alyssa27, Walton Girls’ High School

Molecule Zone

Winner: Kate, St Joseph’s College

Nuclear Zone

Winner: 353nucq38, John Flamsteed Community School

Organs Zone

Winner: Callum MCR17, St Bridget’s Primary School & Nursery Class

Perception Zone

Winner: Cathryn, The Deanery

Relationships Zone

Winner: 659reaq25, Bay House School

Time Zone

Winner: sowen, Sheringham High School

Water Zone

Winner: Bunmi2006, Gable Hall School

Nobelium Zone

Winner: Mrs Blake’s 8CD Science Class, Churnet View Middle School

Lawrencium Zone

Winner: Farheen, Colchester County High School for Girls

Rutherfordium Zone

Winner: Druv and Kaden, Mandeville Primary School

Dubnium Zone

Winner: Sci-fi Sofie, Allerton High School

Seaborgium Zone

Winner: Lou, Freman College

After every activity we asks students to fill in a ratings survey to help us choose the scientists and engineers for the next activity. One of these students is picked at random to win a voucher. That student is 375spcq44.

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