Another General Zone added this November!

150 teachers carefully arranged on 150 slips of paper. Class allocation has taken place in a draft-sealed environment since the disastrous gust incident of ’07.

This November we are so oversubscribed with teachers wanting to take part with their students, that we’re running an extra General Zone, the Gadolinium Zone!

As of this morning we had around 150 teachers ask for 431 classes between them. But we only had space for 240 of those classes in our 9 planned zones. Running the Gadolinium Zone gives 25 more classes of students the opportunity to engage with 5 more scientists, who will be working on all areas of science. With 10 zones, this is the biggest November event we’ve run.

We’re still oversubscribed, so are limiting the number of classes per school, to allow students at as many schools as possible to take part. It also means that we can’t offer places to schools outside of the UK, as our funding prioritises UK schools.

The updated list of all November zones:

Antibiotics Zone – funded by e-Bug, for students age 15+
Big Data Zone – funded by STFC
Body Zone – funded by The Physiological Society, for their Understanding Obesity theme
ChemCareers Zone – funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry for students aged 14+
Drug Synthesis Zone – funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry
Extreme Temperature Zone – funded by STFC
Space Zone – funded by the Stimulating Physics Network for their member schools
Spectroscopy Zone – funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry
Europium Zone (general zone) – funded by the Wellcome Trust
Gadolinium Zone (general zone) – funded by the Wellcome Trust

If any teachers would to be added to the waiting list, if schools currently given classes drop out, please email

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