Longitude Prize Zone

Who'll champion the new wonder watch?

Who’ll champion the new wonder watch?

£10,000,000 PRIZE!!!

It makes our £500 for the winning scientist look positively small-fry. The Longitude Prize 2014 was launched this month with a huge fanfare and a Horizon BBC programme special to get the public to choose the challenge.

But we think there is a missing element. Your chance to ask the challenge champions why you should vote for their challenge and not another.

Here’s the plan. Starting on Monday 16th June we will run a special public zone featuring 6 scientists and engineers each championing their challenge. You get to ask them questions, take part in live text chats and vote for the Challenge you want to win. Your vote will take through to the official Challenge site to cast your vote in that too.

All students in our June event will automatically be able to ask questions and members of the public can register via social media or a form to ask questions. Anyone can read the questions and answers.

If you are interested in championing one of the six challenges or something else entirely then please email me, shane@gallomanor.com.

More details to follow.

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