June 2014 Biomedical Themed Zones

I'm a Scientist Agriculture Zone, Coming June 2014 | Image: Joachim Mitterutzner / Pixabay

I’m a Scientist Agriculture Zone, Coming June 2014 | Image: Joachim Mitterutzner / Pixabay

I’m a Scientist Towers is buzzing with excitement as the Wellcome Trust funded Biomedical themed zones have been chosen. They will be:

  • Animal Behaviour Zone
  • Agriculture Zone
  • Drug Development Zone
  • Infectious Diseases Zone
  • Protein Zone
  • Vision Zone

The June event will run 16th–27th June 2014.

Update: 8 April 2014
The planned Brain Zone has been swapped for the Protein Zone to coincide with the latest issue of the Wellcome Trust’s Big Picture. Brain scientists, please still apply; we need scientists from all research areas for the General Zones, and we’re sure to run a Brain Zone in a future event!

Apply now to take part!

Scientists, does your research fit with one of these themes? Do you know the ideal researcher for one of these zones?

Scientists apply here: imascientist.org.uk/scientist-apply
The application deadline is Friday 9th May 2014.
Check out our advice on applying over on the About Blog.

Teachers, how do these themes fit with what you’ll be teaching? Would your students like to chat with these scientists? Apply now, and we’ll send out an email soon asking which zones you would like to register for.

Teachers apply here: imascientist.org.uk/teachers
The application deadline is Friday 16th May 2014.

Are these zones not for you? Fear not!

This June we’ll be back with a whole range of themed zones funded by the STFC, the RSC, and more. There will be two Zones as part of the I’m a Scientist Big Data Season, and of course, a whole host of general science zones (including Primary School Zones).

We’ll announce more themed zones as they are decided. Follow @imascientist on Twitter for the latest updates and announcements. Our hashtag for 2014 is #IAS2014.

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