Day Two: Time travel, nano-wires, and flowers

Day two of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here has been filled with live chats on everything from zombie apocalypses to time travel.

Student: How could we ever go back in time?

Matthew Malek: I promised myself that if I ever got the ability to go back in time, I would come to that very moment and let myself know. Then I waited for five minutes. No future me turned up, so I knew that I would never time travel.

In the Cancer Zone the scientists were looking at why cancer rates might seem to be increasing:

Student: Why do you think cancer rates are increasing?

Andrea Hanvey: I think cancer rates are increasing because of increased awareness, screening programs for early detection and better diagnostic testing its easier to pick up now

Amar Joshi: Cancer rates are increase for many reasons. One thing is that we are living longer and another is that our detection systems are better.

Image: Pauline Havard/Pixabay

Image: Pauline Havard/Pixabay

The Plants Zone still hasn’t had a lot of questions, but the ones it has had have inspired quite a bit of discussion among the scientists, like this one about the prettiest flower:

What would you say was the prettiest flower? and why. I like water lillys, when they just poke above the water because you usually see them on a nice walk.

There have also been some fantastic questions in the Light Zone, like this one about nano-wires:

Why are nano-wires used for things like LEDs? How does it make them more efficient than using larger component?

…as well as questions about whether it’s okay to accept evolution as fact and believe in God:

I believe in evolution but i acknowledge the existence of God, is this “allowed”?

The Nuclear and Plants Zones are still trailing far behind the pack with questions for the scientists, so if you’re in one of those zones, get ASKing!

Make sure to keep ASKing questions, and don’t forget you can comment on other students’ questions if you want to learn more!

Thanks to the Wellcome Trust for part funding I’m a Scientist, and to the Science and Technology Facilities Council for funding the Extreme Size and Nuclear Zones, to the Institute of Physics for funding the Light Zone, and the Royal Society of Chemistry for funding the Colour Zone.

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