Day One: Cutting edge technology, explosions, and cryogenics.

With more than 680 questions being sent to the scientists from the weekend, I’m a Scientist March 2014 has got off to a flying start!


Across the 12 zones, students have been chatting to scientists about everything from cutting-edge developments in solar technology, to travelling to the moon, and gender biases in some sciences.

Student: Are you working on anything interesting at the moment, if so what are you working on?

Sabina Hatch: Yes! At the moment there is new material called perovskite – it is actually quite unique and amazing- it could change the way we make solar cells as it is so cheap and yet still effective. I look forward to experimenting with it.

In the posted ASK questions, scientists have been asked about their opinion on explosions, and if an asteroid is going to hit the earth any time soon.

The scientists have explained what causes the Northern lights, and looked at whether it’s possible to freeze ourselves and then wake ourselves up again.


If it were a race (which it isn’t), the Caesium, Cerium, and Extreme Size Zones would be far in the lead with the number of questions being asked, with the Nuclear and Plants Zones trailing behind.

There are a lot more live chats to come over the next two weeks, check back tomorrow for more updates. Don’t forget to VOTE for the scientist you want to win, and make sure to look at the recent questions in your zone, and leave comments if you want to know more about the answers.

Thanks to the Wellcome Trust for part funding I’m a Scientist, and to the Science and Technology Facilities Council for funding the Extreme Size and Nuclear Zones, to the Institute of Physics for funding the Light Zone, and the Royal Society of Chemistry for funding the Colour Zone.

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