The November student winners are…

Congratulations student winners! Image by Spaicecowboi, Wikimedia.

Congratulations student winners! Image by Spaicecowboi, Wikimedia.

After a fun-filled 2 weeks of live chats and student questions, it’s time to say well done to the student winners in each zone!

Moderators and scientists have nominated students in each zone who asked lots of interesting questions, engaged well in live chats or left some thought provoking comments.

The winners get a £20 WH Smiths voucher and a certificate. We’ve also listed a few runners up in each zone who also asked lots of great questions.


And the students winners are:

Winner: henryjones for asking loads of great questions about cloning, mutations and diseases and asking the scientists more challenging questions in his live chat.

Runner up: jackyboy1999 for asking  lots of questions about curing cancer and gene therapy.

Runner up: celt105 for asking great questions about cell blebbing and cells living in space, and asking some good questions in live chats.



Winner: cheechee for asking some really interesting questions about cell injury and repair, and harmful germs.

Runner up: mollyoanes for asking loads of insightful questions about what it’s like to be a scientist, and why the scientists chose to research cancer cells.

Runner up: mfcsam1999 for about what happens when opposite cells meet.



Winner: nessy123 for asking tons of great questions about the history of science, time machines, and dreaming.

Runner up: molineux for asking great questions about genes and showing lots of interest in the scientists’ replies.

Runner up: iluvwilmas for asking great questions about how cells multiply, how monkeys and humans are related and why birds puff up when it’s mating time.

As one scientist said:

“You all sound like budding scientists to me! Wow! Wow! That was brilliant! I’m so impressed with them all!”

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