Cells, Genes & Cancer zones this November

Teachers, you’ve spoken! You’ve told us what you’re teaching in November. We’ve listened and selected the zones for 12th-23rd November from these topics. You’ve gone for:

  • Cancer Zone
  • Cells Zone
  • Genes Zone

Cancer Zone

When we decided to run an event in November our first choice zone was a Cancer Zone. Since 2004 men have been growing moustaches during the month of November, as part of Movember, to raise awareness of men’s cancers. We’ve run popular cancer zones before, so why not run at the same time as a fun and global cancer fundraising effort? Moustaches also caught the attention of scientists who took part back in March 2012. Adam, Leila and Vicky formed #teamtash and even answered questions about moustaches.


Adam, Leila & Vicky of #teamtash

Cells Zone

When we asked teachers what they’ll be teaching in November, cells came up a lot. Cell division, cell membranes, cell transport. Plant cells & animal cells. Chemical reactions in cells. So a Cells Zone is a natural choice. We’ve run a Stem Cells Zone before, but a Cells Zone will be wider, with scientists researching on everything cell related, from the inner workings of cell signalling to immune cells fighting off disease, and how we grow from a tiny bundle of cells in the womb.


Genes Zone

A Genes Zone was another popular choice – inheritance, evolution, reproduction & selective breeding all popped up in what teachers are covering in November, in GCSEs to BTECs and A Levels. In June 2012 we ran a Genes Zone, with scientists researching the DNA of small parasitic worms in Africa, proteins that switch genes on or off, and spotting differences in chromosomes that cause disease. The Genes Zone in November will be just as broad!


If you’re wondering where the Physics and Chemistry zones are, all 3 zones are biomedical because we’re part funded by the Wellcome Trust. There will be more non-biomed zones in the March and June events in 2013, thanks to sponsors like the Institute of Physics.

Scientists, if your work fits (however loosely) into one of these zones apply now: imascientist.org.uk/scientist-apply

This event is just for teachers who’ve taken part before.

Teachers, if you’ve taken part before you’ll receive an email in a few weeks showing you how to sign your students up for the zone of your choice.

Teachers, if you’ve not taken part before you can register now for the next events in March and June 2013: imascientist.org.uk/teachers

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