Wellcome News

Last week we (that’s Shane and Sophia) sat before a Wellcome Trust Grants Committee to ask them to fund the project for 3 more years. Prof Stephen Curry and Dan Hannard from Woodkirk Academy came along to give a first hand account of participating in the event as a scientist and teacher. Over 100 scientists and supporters joined in via twitter. You can read what they said here. Thank you to you all. You are the best advocates for event we have.

The good news is that the committee said Yes. They have agreed a Society Award to fund 50% (as requested) of the costs of the event. The even better news is that this means we can expand the number of zones we run. In 2012 we’ll run 30 zones and this will rise to 50 in 2014. More students, more teachers, more schools and more scientists will now get to take part.

The other 50% of the costs will be met by sponsors. Today we’ve kicked off a 2 zone event sponsored by the STFC (Subatomic & Zinc). Next year there’ll be another STFC zone, the Physiological Society are sponsoring a zone, and the Institute of Physics are sponsoring at least 3 zones. We’re hoping to be able to announce other sponsors before Christmas. Over time we’ll work out other ways to help pay for the event.

In the meantime we need to get our heads down and start planning the 6 zones we’ve promised for March. Please sign up to register your interest in taking part as a scientist or a teacher.

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