What Katy Milne did with her prize money

Katy Milne, winner of the March 2010 Hydrogen Zone

I am just writing to thank everybody involved in ‘I’m a Scientist – Get me out of Here!’ in April 2010 on behalf of Bishop Kivengere Girls’ School Uganda. The school children in the UK voted for me to win the Hydrogen Zone in March.

Due to large class sizes (50+) and lack of resources, the girls here get limited practical science teaching. Also, not many girls take science because they think that it is a subject for boys only. I hope I am helping to change their mind on that!

Thanks from the school!

I used part of the £500 that I won towards a digital projector for the school. The girls can now watch films on science (and Geography, History, English Literature and even High School Musical!), to help them understand. The remainder of the money was put towards buying some basic science equipment (multimeters, prisms etc) and some science kits.

We formed a science club at the school and the girls really enjoyed the building kits, which included water pumps, solar cars and mud-powered clocks.

The science club at work.

I hope that all the equipment that you have contributed will remain at the school long after I am gone and will encourage the girls in science.

I will be back in the UK in the autumn and I am happy to do anything I can to support I’m a scientist. Brilliant idea! I hope that it is encouraging kids in the UK as much as it has encouraged the girls here in Uganda.

(Winner of the Hydrogen Zone in March 2010)

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