🧪 Keep your class connected with chemistry!

Throughout 2023, connect your students with working chemists and other STEM professionals with I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here.

We’ve got lots of interesting activities for students throughout term-time.

This November, students connect with scientists working in all sorts of chemistry-related jobs in the Climate Zone.


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I’m a Scientist is a safe and secure online platform.

It’s quick and easy to set up, and text-only – no audio or video required.

Students get to:

  • Ask working scientists their questions
  • Connect with them through live text-based Chats
  • Vote for their favourite to win £500!

It’s accessible from the classroom or home, and is super-flexible – you book chats at times that suit you and your classes.

Royal Society of Chemistry logo

The Royal Society of Chemistry supports I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here.

“Whether studying the chemistry of life, or developing the advanced science behind modern technology, chemical scientists use their expertise to improve our health, our environment and our daily lives. Collaboration is essential. We connect scientists with each other and society as a whole, so they can do their best work and make discoveries and innovation happen.

We bring people together to spark new ideas and new partnerships. We support teachers to inspire future generations of scientists. And we speak up to influence the people making decisions that affect us all. We are a catalyst for the chemistry that enriches our world.”

The Climate Zone is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

What teachers say:

“Incredibly easy to set up and run”

“My students loved their involvement and I was amazed at some of the questions they asked”