More ways of taking part in I’m a Scientist

We understand that schools may face issues in taking part in I’m a Scientist in the “usual” way.

I’m a Scientist: On Demand is flexible to fit your requirements, to allow all students to access STEM enrichment.

Even if students are unable to access I’m a Scientist during lesson times, they can still get involved outside of school.

If students have computer access at home, you could set the activity for homework.

They can:

  • Send questions in ASK any time
  • Join an after school booked live chat – chat bookings are open until 7 pm
  • Join weekly evening live chats – Thursdays 7-8pm

Or, run I’m a Scientist as a class activity without the need for individual computers.

Our suggested lesson plans work with minimal computer access.

Book a session to chat as a class. Ask questions through your account, and display on a projector for students to follow. You can then download and print the transcript at the end to go through with your class.

I’m a Scientist: On Demand is running throughout the Autumn term, with new zones and scientists every month. If you have any questions, contact