9 Responses to Chat Booking: Relationships Zone 15/03/2019 12:00 (30 mins), 12PM-3PM // ALL SCHOOLS, year OPEN LIVE CHAT // ALL YEAR GROUPS

  1. modmichaela says:

    On the final Friday of the event we open the live chats in all the zones for an afternoon-long drop-in session. The idea is that students registered in the zone, from any school, can drop in and out to ask their final questions, and psychologists can do the same.

    Students can take part either as a class, or during their lunch break.

    Psychologists don’t need to be there for the whole afternoon — just for any time you can; you can drop in and out of the chat, or just keep the chat window open while you eat lunch, reply to emails, or even sit in a meeting…

    The session will last from 12pm to 3pm on Friday afternoon.

    In some zones this final chat goes really, really well. In others, there may only be a few students logging in. We can’t promise it will be busy or quiet in your zone, but it’s a great way to round off the event. At 3pm we’ll announce the winner in the chat!

    Of course, we’d love for all the psychologists — evicted or not — to join in, and for those of you still in the running on on the Friday afternoon, it could be a brilliant opportunity to pick up those all-important final votes.

  2. lucymaddox says:

    I can be here 12-12.30 🙂

  3. jamesmunro says:

    I will be around for this one. Sounds awesome!

  4. davidchadwick says:

    I can make this chat
    Kind regards

  5. dantaylor says:

    I probably will come in slightly later as I will be teaching until 12ish. But i’d love to be able to join in ASAP afterwards 🙂

  6. sallytilt says:

    I should be around for some of the afternoon. 🙂

  7. louiserodgers says:

    I’ll be there are the beginning of this one.

  8. lucymaddox says:

    Meeting has been moved so I can hang out for longer 🙂

  9. louiserodgers says:

    I may only be able to make a very shot visit to this, or maybe even none at all unfortunately : ( as I am sandwiched between meetings and a training course. If I don’t make it, I hope its a great chat!

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