March 2018 Zones

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here will run for two weeks from Monday 5th to Friday 16th March 2018.

This March we’re running 5 themed zones, and general zones suitable for anyone working in science. Read about them all below, or jump straight to the application form:


Climate Zone

The climate of the Earth’s surface has always moved with the times. But the planet’s climate is now changing around us with more speed than ever and scientists are looking hard at what’s happening across a huge range of areas. Scientists in this zone could be looking at our relationship with climate change, the political and economical responses, how different ecosystems are responding or predicting the weather in the future.

The Climate Zone is supported by Wellcome and is open to students in Year 6 (age 10-11) and Year 7 (age 11-12). We are planning on working with a University researcher to analyse the language of questions asked in this zone. 


Enquiry Zone

In the Enquiry Zone, six scientists will propose an idea for a Citizen Science research project they can carry out with the help of Year 6 students taking part in the zone.

Through the live chats and questions in ASK the scientists will further develop their ideas with the students. The students then vote for the project they want to happen. The scientists and students will then carry out the research project after the event.

The Enquiry Zone is supported by Wellcome and is for Year 6 (age 10-11) students. 


The double helix structure of DNA | Image: Wikemedia/Michael Strock

Genes Zone

A gene is a set of instructions for making a particular protein. The instructions are written in DNA, which is a very, very, long molecule. All living things depend on genes, and all of the DNA in one of your cells has the instructions for making a person. We welcome applications from scientists working in genetics, who could be working on DNA damage and cell growth or proteins and genetic diseases.

The Genes Zone is supported by Wellcome


Immune System Zone

The immune system is composed of structures and processes that protect us from disease. White blood cells are one of the main components of our defense system. They can fight infections using different strategies: some of them recognise and remember the invading germs, and others eat germs up! We’re looking for scientists looking at how the immune system works, searching for ways to improve it or help it fight unwanted pathogens.

The Immune System Zone is supported by Wellcome


Space Data Zone

The International Space Station | Image: NASA

The inspiring exploration of space is only possible thanks to the research of scientists here on Earth. Scientists in this zone could be analysing data from satellites, imaging instrumentation or launchers; designing the software and hardware underpinning all this innovation; or using the data collected to improve our understanding of the universe and what’s happening on our own planet.

The Space Data Zone is funded by the UK Space Agency


General Science Zones

General Science Zones take scientists from a range of different research areas. We welcome any type of scientist to apply for these zones, especially people outside a traditional academic research environment; the more diverse the work you’re doing, the better.

  • Americium Zone — Supported by Wellcome
  • Curium Zone Supported by Wellcome


Apply now to take part!


Apply by Monday 29th January, and take a look at this page for our advice on your application!


Apply by Monday 29th January. We’ll send an email out soon after you sign up asking which zones and how many classes you would like to bring online.


This March we’ll also be running 3 zones in I’m an Engineer. Click here for more information.

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