Please support I’m a Scientist

Tomorrow, Tuesday 8th November, at 16.20 is an important time. Sophia and I, aided by Dan Hannard and Prof. Stephen Curry, participating teacher and scientist, will be asking the Wellcome Trust to part-fund I’m a Scientist for another 3 years.

We have a 10 minute presentation and then 25 minutes of Q&A.

We need your help!

During the Q&A we will have a slide that will display all the tweets with #IAS2011 – live. It would be very impressive to see loads of tweets supporting the event between 16:30 and 17:00.

140 characters (including #IAS2011) saying what you got out of it would be perfect. I’m sure the committee would want to hear directly from the participants so please don’t hold back.

That’s between 4.30 and 5pm on Tuesday 8th November. Please put it in your diary and tweet for #IAS2011

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