And now it hots up…

Last week on I’m a Scientist was a chance to start getting to know the scientists. THIS week the young people have to start making some tough decisions about WHO gets the money. The first eviction will be tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm. Which scientist will be the first to be shown the door? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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Busy, busy, busy!

Well the first week is almost over already and it’s been incredibly hectic. This is already the busiest event we’ve ever run – we’ve had nearly 4,000 visitors, just in the last few days! Thank you to all the students for the interesting, funny and thought-provoking questions. And thanks to all the scientists for all the hard work they’ve put in answering them. Students – feel free to comment wherever you want to on the site. Visitors – although you can’t comment, you are very welcome to have a look round and read everything. If you want to you can follow us on twitter – our twitter feed is, or the hashtag for the event is #IAS2010 – scientists and teachers, if you are on twitter, please use the hashtag if you are tweeting about the event, then people can find all the comments together. We are having a … Continue reading

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Welcome to I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! This is the only event in the world* where school students choose which scientists gets some money. For the next two weeks you young people have the power. Use it wisely my friends. *As far as we know

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