I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here: On demand

Danica, Chemistry PhD researcher, chats with school students from her living room in the recent IAS Stay at home activity.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused immense uncertainty in education. Most students have been working from home since April. They will be back in September, but how schools will operate through to Christmas is anything but certain. Blended learning at school and home. Local lockdowns. Second waves.

Online engagement this autumn

One certainty, however, is that teachers will be able to access quality STEM enrichment. I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is going to be On Demand.

From the 1st September onwards, I’m a Scientist will be available for teachers to connect their students with scientists. Every four weeks a new zone with new scientists will open, keeping it fresh and exciting for everyone.

Teachers, sign up your classes.

Scientists, apply now for a place.

We will increase our capacity in I’m a Scientist and I’m an Engineer as demand from teachers requires. This will include Zones for Maths and new this autumn, Humanities.

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums won’t miss out. Our Visit Zone will provide those organisations with a platform to host schools on a virtual trip.

Supporting the activity

I’m a Scientist: On Demand is possible thanks to support from UKRI, Wellcome Trust, STFC, BPS, RSC and SFI.

Additional funding is required to provide support for priority schools and increase capacity for scientists. Find out more about supporting the activity or contact shane@mangorol.la.