5 Responses to Chat Booking: Space Exploration Zone 10/03/2017 09:20 (30 mins), merton park primary, year 6

  1. hannahsargeant says:

    I’m in, see you all soon!

  2. philsutton says:

    I can make this so see you there.

  3. stephenpulker says:

    Yes, I hope to make this one.

  4. hannahsargeant says:

    We are having a visit from the European Space agency tomorrow so I’m not sure if I’ll be free but I’ll do my best!

  5. stephenpulker says:

    Hello! I’m hoping this message will reach you all, will send it to the mods too . . . my computer has slowed right down and ground to all halt during the chat . . . apologies for that. Has anyone else had the same issues?

    There were a load of questions that I could see but not respond to so here are may answers to a couple, trying to make sure everyone got a response . . .
    Matvei – Do you like your job? and why?
    Yes, I love it. It allows me to work every day on things I find interesting, on things that I find inspiring and important (finding life on other worlds, exploring and discovering new things and solving problems). It doesn’t pay too badly so I can also live a comfortable life outside of work too.

    Manahil – Is it fun to be a scientist?
    Yes, I think so. I get to design spaceships, put components / assemblies through their paces on large shakers and travel around the world to see where the different parts are being made.

    Ganan – What is your favourite subject?
    Maths and Physics . . . but don’t ignore English, philosophy and history / anthropology . . . they all complement each other.

    Sixtine, Benjy, Ellie – School visit possible?
    Yes, these can be arranged. We also host school trips to the site here in Stevenage so you can come to see some of the bits and pieces we are making!
    To Ms. Hastings – If you are interested in a visit (either to you or you to come here) let me know and I’ll see what can be arranged.

    General – why vote for you?
    If you like the answers and enjoyed the chat.

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