6 Responses to Chat Booking: Imaging Zone 06/03/2019 14:40 (30 mins), St Benedict’s Catholic college, year Yr 9

  1. danporter says:

    Hi there,

    I’ll be free to chat at this time. I’ll work hard to answer all your questions on imaging, or anything else really! My speciality is x-ray scattering from synthetic crystals, from superconductors to frustrated magnets to new battery materials.

  2. matthewselwood says:

    Hi there, I’ll join too! Though interested to see what Dan has to say, I must admit – I worked at the CLF for a time, so only about 150m from his tech.

  3. atreyaacharyya says:

    I can make this chat!

  4. marleenwilde says:

    Dear all,
    I hope to make this chat at least for a while.
    All the best, Marleen

  5. rosannatilbrook says:

    Hi all, I can make this time too. Looking forward to your questions!

  6. danporter says:

    Hello again, unfortunately a meeting has come up today so I am no longer able to make this chat. I’m sure the other excellent scientists will be able to answer your questions!

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