5 Responses to Chat Booking: Health Behaviour Zone 12/11/2019 Tue 15:10 (30 mins), King Edward’s Witley, Year 7/S1/Y8(NI)

  1. emilymattacola says:

    Looking forward to it!

  2. ambercronin says:

    I’m available!

  3. jolelmiah says:

    I’m available!

  4. aingeg19 says:

    Fantastic that three of you are already making yourselves available for our session. We started the event today and they have already been learning about what makes a good scientist and reading your profiles (and debating who should win!).

    Looking forward to it,

    Graham Ainge (teacher)

  5. alexspiers says:

    Sorry im not available as I am away from my desk all day

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