6 Responses to Chat Booking: CHRISTMAS LECTURES 2018 25/01/2019 14:20 (30 mins), Trinity CE High School, year Y8

  1. rekanagy says:

    Yes, I can make this chat!

  2. eerussell says:

    Hi there!
    Will we have a couple more scientists able to chat by this Friday?
    Rekanagy’s going ot be exhausted, if not!

  3. modamy says:

    Hi Ellie. Yes we should do – we’ll email round the experts about a session if it has fewer than 3 currently attending!

  4. rekanagy says:

    I can’t make this chat anymore, unfortunately! So sorry!!

  5. eerussell says:

    Hi there!
    Do we have any scientists signed up for the chat tomorrow pm?
    Should I have a ‘plan B’ lesson in mind?!

  6. modamy says:

    Anthony and Emma will be attending this chat!

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