8 Responses to Chat Booking: Christmas Lectures 2016 10/01/2017 11:40 (30 mins), Reepham High School, Year 9

  1. javiergonzalezxmas says:

    Yes I’ll bet there…

  2. piersbarnesxmas says:

    I’ll be there.

  3. laurencehardwickxmas says:

    I will be there

  4. tomashtonxmas says:

    I’ll be available,


  5. hookways16 says:

    Excellent, we’re looking forward to the chat!

  6. saifulislamxmas says:

    Hi, I’m afraid I can’t make this one.
    best wishes

  7. laurencehardwickxmas says:

    Apologies I will have to cancel this chat, best Laurence

  8. hookways16 says:

    Thank you everyone – sorry I wasn’t able to type during the chat, it froze for me quite early on! They certainly enjoyed it though 🙂

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