Who’s taking part: June 2018

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is back! Between the 11th and 22nd June, students at over 60 schools will be putting their questions to 42 scientists across 7 different zones; from Food and Society, to Healthy Cities and Wellbeing.

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter, @imascientist, and follow the hashtag, #IASUK.

Let’s meet the scientists and schools taking part…


Food Zone

The Food Zone is supported by Wellcome.

The Scientists

Stephen MacKenzie | Newcastle University

I calculate the environmental impact of producing our food

Simran Chopra | Northumbria University

What we might eat or where would our food come from in the future? I am trying to answer these questions through imagining, discussing and making with people.

Paul Newell Price | ADAS

I help make sure our land is in a fit state to grow more food and to filter rainwater for healthy streams, rivers, lakes and drinking water.

Mark Kirkwood | Quadram Institute Biosciences

I’m working out why some nasty food poisoning bugs prefer pigs to people, by stressing them out and looking at ALL of their genes using computers.

Jenny Shepperson | Bangor University

I write computer programs to help understand which types of fishing cause most harm to the environment, and which fish are a more environmentally friendly option to eat!

Ali Hill | Solent University

I’m interested in how the food we eat can make us better at sports.

The Schools

  • All Hallows Catholic High School
  • St Anselm’s Catholic School
  • Wymondham High Academy
  • All Saints Catholic College Specialist in Humanities
  • Sir John Hunt Community Sports College
  • All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy
  • Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre
  • St John’s Church of England Primary School
  • Upton Junior School
  • Silverdale School
  • Walker Technology College

Healthy Cities Zone

The Healthy Cities Zone is supported by Wellcome.

The Scientists

Urslaan Chohan | Arup

I make sure databases for roads, railways and other transport stuff is correct so you can actually get to where you want to get to!

Nicola Reid | Mott MacDonald Limited Bristol

I am an environmental geologist involved with cleaning up contaminated sites for development

Helen Littler | WSP

I try to stop climate change happening by designing streets, paths and junctions to get people walking and cycling everywhere

Daniel Marsh | King’s College London Environmental Research Group

Measuring pollution in the air that you breathe

Becky Thomas | Royal Holloway University of London

The unnatural nature of cities – I want to see what makes your garden wild with wildlife

Andrew Singer | NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

I study how the chemicals flushed down our toilets can come back to bite us on our bottoms, through spreading antibiotic resistance in the environment.

The Schools

  • Grace Academy Solihull
  • St Patrick’s Catholic College
  • Shimna Integrated College
  • Merton Park Primary School
  • Touch Primary School
  • Turnbull High School
  • Beaufort Co-operative Academy
  • Kingsmead Academy
  • Meridian School
  • Walker Technology College
  • Alec Hunter Academy
  • Haileybury Almaty

Heart Zone

The Heart Zone is for Primary Schools and is supported by Wellcome.

The Scientists

Samuel Vennin | King’s College London

I use computer models to help understanding how the heart works and create new tools to help clinicians treating patients.

Pankaj Garg | University of Sheffield

I create 3D and 4D models of flow within the heart to better understand complex flow and thunderstorms in the heart.

Lucy Green | University of Southampton’s Institute of Developmental Sciences

I’m working out how to build better babies, because this sets up how well they do in the world they are born into and their health in later life.

Kate Kuyt | Manchester University

I use ultrasound scans to look at how the heart changes shape and twists with each heart beat.

Emma Wellham | Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I help patients who are worried about how their heart is working to find out what is wrong so that a doctor will know how to make them better.

The Schools

  • Oakdale Junior School
  • Irchester Community Primary School
  • Dinglewell Junior School
  • Irchester Community Primary School
  • St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School
  • St Bridget’s Primary School
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
  • Jubilee Primary School
  • Mabel Prichard School
  • Renhold VC Lower School

Society Zone

The Society Zone is a psychology zone, supported by the British Psychological Society.

The Scientists

Stephen Baillargeon | University of Nicosia

I’m trying to figure out ways where you can look at everything wrong with yourself and the world and still manage to be happy.

Maria Montefinese | University College London

Are you telling the truth? Let me have a look at your pupils!

John Atkinson | York University and Cheswold Park Hospital, Doncaster

Looking at what got people into trouble or made them mentally unwell and helping them to lead better lives in future.

Daniel Jolley | Staffordshire University

I study why people believe in conspiracy theories such as the earth is flat and that Beyonce is a robot.

Claire Melia | Keele University

I look at how people think and talk about alcohol problems, like what is the difference between ‘normal’ drinking and being an alcoholic?

Amy Pearson | The University of Sunderland

Im interested in how people imagine how the world might look from different points of view, and how this helps us to communicate with other people.

The Schools

  • Bay House School
  • Burford School
  • Queen Mary’s High School
  • Fishponds Church of England Academy
  • Petroc
  • Corfe Hills School
  • South Wilts Grammar School for Girls
  • Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College
  • Dollis Junior School

Wellbeing Zone

The Wellbeing Zone is a psychology zone, supported by the British Psychological Society.

The Scientists

Zoe Moon | King’s College London

I research why some people don’t take effective anti-cancer medications which could help save their lives, and develop ways to support these patients

Viren Swami | Anglia Ruskin University

I’m working on ways to make us all feel happier about our bodies.

Sam Burton | University of Liverpool

I look at why people drink alcohol and how it effects them so they don’t stop drinking.

Noel Brick | Ulster University

I teach people why sport and exercise is one of the best things you can do for your mind, and how you can use your mind to be the best in sport and exercise!

Amy Warnock | University of Edinburgh

I tickle rats to make them happy, then see how this affects their food choices!

Abby Hunter | University of Nottingham

I like to find out how smoking can affect our physical and mental health and find ways to help people stop smoking.

The Schools

  • St Ursula’s Convent School
  • Skegness Academy
  • Dover Grammar School for Girls
  • Birchwood Community High School
  • Northumberland CofE Academy
  • Phoenix Academy
  • Tonbridge Grammar School
  • Westbury Park Primary School
  • Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr
  • Mid Yell Junior High School

Berkelium zone

The Berkelium Zone is a general science zone, supported by Wellcome.

The Scientists

Yewande Okunoren-Oyekenu | Prescouter, Chicago, USA

I am able to grow brain cells in my laboratory, so when people have accidents that smash their heads leading to their brain been injured, I can replace the damaged portion of the brain.

Tim Craig | University of Leeds

I study earthquakes: where, when, and why they happen, and what they can tell us about our planet.

Melanie Hannah | University of Sheffield, Biomedical Science

I manage the Biomedical Science department, ensuring the researchers have the equipment, finance and technical support to carry out their life saving research and education of the next generation of scientists

Hayley Wragg | University of Bath and BT

I try to improve your wifi by modelling how it travels around your home, including through your pets!

Carl Barford | BASF, West Yorkshire

I help make chemicals which improve everyones lives, and in a safe way.

Alex Seeney | University of Stirling

 I’m studying how invasive alien plants affect insects we find both on riverbanks and in the water, and how fish use these in their diet.

The Schools

  • Churnet View Middle School
  • Sir John Lawes School
  • St John Wall Catholic School
  • St Gilgen International School
  • Kingsmead Academy
  • Dover Grammar School for Boys
  • The James Hornsby School
  • Struthers Primary School
  • Redborne Upper School and Community College
  • Prince Henry’s High School
  • Furness Academy
  • The Gateway Academy

Californium Zone

The Californium Zone is a general science zone, supported by Wellcome.

The Scientists

Thomas Perriment | Atkins

I play the detective and investigate the earth beneath our feet to make sure buildings don’t collapse, homes don’t flood, and tunnels don’t collapse!

Hayley Pincott | Oral Pathology

I get to see parts of your body that even you don’t see.

David Mills | Queen Mary University Of London

I make 3D X-Rays of things including old scrolls and bits of human.

Alex Alamri | The Royal London Hospital

I’m a brain surgeon!

Alison Hughes | University of Strathclyde

I find medicines from creatures living in the ocean

The Schools

  • Gordano School
  • Ferndown Middle School
  • Ethos College
  • Robert May’s School
  • The Downs School
  • Corfe Hills School
  • Invergarven School
  • Earlscliffe
  • Sir Roger Manwood’s School
  • Barnsley Academy

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