June 2018 Zones

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here will run for two weeks from Monday 11th to Friday 22nd June 2018.

This June we’re running five themed zones, including two especially for psychologists, and two general zones suitable for anyone working in science. Read about them all below, or jump straight to the application form:

Plus: Don’t miss the MRC Festival Zone, 4th–22nd June, featuring 25 medical researchers for your students to meet!

Want to know more about milk and cookies? | Image: Wikimedia

Food Zone

Ever wondered why some foods taste so good? Or why it’s safe to eat bacteria in cheese and yoghurt but not bacteria in meat? Thinking beyond the everyday, with the world’s population growing, how can we feed everyone in more sustainable ways? And how can we tackle problems like over and undernutrition, major causes of illness around the world?

In this zone there’ll be a varied menu of scientists involved with food. There could be researchers working with the public to investigate the effect different food has on our body, and others looking at how we can make food more nutritious. Other people could be working with governments to change how we produce food to be better for the planet.

The Food Zone is supported by Wellcome


Healthy Cities Zone

We don’t usually think of cities as healthy places. As they grow, so do rates of disease, drug resistance, pollution and waste. Not to mention their need for more and more energy and the potential for damaging the environment. But all this growth creates a huge opportunity: the chance to build healthier places for us to live in.

This zone will feature people working to make our cities better places to live. Scientists could be monitoring our air quality, improving water use or finding new ways to generate electricity and move it to where it’s needed most. They could be building smarter traffic control to avoid bad jams, helping design public exercise spaces that people actually want to use (not gyms!), or even studying how to encourage animals and plants to thrive in cities, and what the effects are on our physical and mental health might be.

The Healthy Cities Zone is supported by Wellcome


The heart and major veins and arteries | Image: BodyParts3D/Anatomography

Heart Zone – for primary schools

The heart and the circulatory system do an incredible job, working together to supply every single cell in your body with oxygen and other life critical nutrients. Scientists look at how the heart does this, from what’s happening in the cells right up to how they interact with other systems in the body.

Scientists in this zone might be finding the genes associated to heart disease, working in hospitals, learning about how burgers and chips clog up your arteries, growing blood vessels, or looking for ways to regenerate hearts.

The Heart Zone is supported by Wellcome for primary schools.


Society Zone

What makes you behave in certain ways with your friends and other ways when on the bus with strangers? Do you always do what your classmates tell you? How do we learn what is and isn’t acceptable in our society? Do people make better choices in crowds or worse ones?

These are just some of the areas that social psychologists study in their growing field of research. In this zone you could meet a psychologist researching how children learn how to treat other people, or someone looking at how different countries decide what food and drink is normal to eat, or a researcher studying how best to help criminals rejoin society.

The Society Zone is supported by the British Psychological Society


Wellbeing Zone

The activities you get up to affect the wellbeing of your body, that much we all agree on. But why do people do things, like smoke or drink, that they know might harm them? And why is it sometimes so hard to do exercise or eat in ways that we’ve been told will make us healthier? Can we all behave in ways that will make us well beings?

In this zone there could be psychologists looking at why some people can’t help but drink too much, or looking for evidence of the positive mental health effects of exercise on the brain, or trying to work out why some people love sport and physical activity, and whether we can then help others who find themselves in different social situations, or helping companies keep their employees healthy and happy.

The Wellbeing Zone is supported by the British Psychological Society


General Science Zones

General Science Zones take scientists from a range of different research areas. We welcome any type of scientist to apply for these zones, especially people outside a traditional academic research environment; the more diverse the work you’re doing, the better.

  • Berkelium Zone  – Supported by Wellcome
  • Californium Zone – Supported by Wellcome


More opportunities for students – MRC Festival Zone

From the 4th – 22nd June we are also running the MRC Festival Zone, connecting secondary school students to 25 medical researchers as part of the MRC Festival of Medical Research.

Students could meet a PhD student researching neurodegenerative disease, a bacteriologist tackling AMR, or a technician supporting health informatics research. Apply by ticking ‘MRC Festival Zone’ on the registration form.


Apply now to take part!


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Apply by Monday 30th April. We’ll send an email out soon after you sign up asking which zones and how many classes you would like to bring online.


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