What’s happened so far in March’s I’m a Scientist event

Why school classes are enjoying live chats with scientists this British Science Week.

It’s British Science Week and students and scientists in March’s I’m a Scientist are in the middle of discussing everything from why humans make bad choices , to how the immune system remembers flu, to the jobs people have had before working in science, to the challenges of understanding bird song, and even the scariest moments in research.

March’s event includes a psychology-themed zone based around decision making, as well as the Enquiry Zone for primary schools, where students are helping scientists come up with a citizen science project. See all the scientists and schools taking part in the event here.

In total, after the first seven days, there’s been:

  • 2,580 school students logging in to the 8 zones
  • 1,470 questions asked by students sent to the 40 scientists
  • 1,236 votes cast by the students to support their favourite scientists

And that’s not to mention the almost uncountable levels of conversation in the 72 live chats that have taken place already.

Rupert Marshall in Animal Behaviour Zone live chatting an encounter with a sheep. As ewe do.

If all this has whetted your appetite for engagement you can get yourself a piece of the action in the next I’m a Scientist, taking place 12th–23rd June 2017, by using the buttons below.

This March there’s still much more to come. From 3 pm on Tuesday the pressure cranks up as the first scientist is evicted from each zone, with another following each day after. Who will survive to stay in the running for the £500 prize? Find out before anyone else from the announcement in the staffroom each day. Best of luck to all the scientists!

Posted on March 13, 2017 by modantony in News.