March 2017 Zones

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here will run for two weeks from Monday 6th to Friday 17th March 2017, during British Science Week.

This March, your favourite online science engagement activity returns with six themed zones, and a range of general science zones suitable for any kind of researcher.

Read about them all below, or if you want to jump straight to the application, teachers apply here:; and scientists here:

“Here’s looking through you, kid”

Medical Physics Zone

Ever since the first x-ray picture of a hand was taken over 100 years ago, physics has played a vital role in medicine. Physicists have revolutionised medicine and are developing even better ways to diagnose and treat illness that will help save lives and keep us living longer in the future. In this zone, you might meet a scientist working with huge magnets to create scans of people’s brains, someone helping people’s vision through laser surgery or a scientist treating cancer using x-rays. 

The Medical Physics Zone is funded by the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Organs Zone

An organ is a group of tissues all working together to do a specific task. Organs come in many shapes and sizes, and are specialised for all sorts of purposes. Eyes take light and turn it into information which is sent to the brain, telling you what you can see around you. The heart is made from strong muscle which pumps blood to all the other organs in your body. Kidneys are organs for cleaning the blood, lungs for breathing, and stomachs for digesting food. Scientists in this zone might be finding new ways to look at organs, both inside and outside the body, or finding cures for illnesses like heart and liver diseases.

The Organs Zone is funded by Wellcome

Space Exploration Zone

The inspiring exploration of space is only possible thanks to the research of scientists here on Earth. In this zone you might meet a scientist studying what happens to the human body in micorgravity using parabolic flights, a research doctor living in Antarctica to study the effects of isolation on long distance space missions, or someone planning the robotic exploration of Mars to find out of life could survive there.

The Space Exploration Zone is funded by the UK Space Agency

Mr Bee, why are you doing this? Just, WHY?

Mr Bee, why are you doing this? Just, WHY?

Animal Behaviour Zone

Animal behaviour is all about what animals are doing and why they are doing it. Scientists who study animal behaviour try to work out why animals are behaving in a particular way. In this zone there could be scientists studying how dolphins communicate and cooperate, or finding out the things cats get up to when their ‘owners’  are at work, or looking to see if bees are adapting their behaviour in exposure to pesticides.

The Animal Behaviour Zone is funded by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

Decision Zone

Some decisions we make very quickly, others we agonise over for a long time, hoping we make the right choice. They can be small, such as choosing what to buy for lunch, or as important as selecting the right treatment for a disease. But how good are we at making decisions and what influences our thoughts? Psychologists have long studied how external factors affect the way we make decisions and looked at the way our brains work when presented with different options. In this zone, psychologists might be looking at how teenagers and adults differ, or researching why people conform to social norms and react to people in authority.

The Decision Zone is a psychology zone.

Enquiry Zone

In the Enquiry Zone, 5 scientists will propose an idea for a research project they can carry out with the help of Year 6 students taking part in the zone and the nQuireIT app.

Through the live chats and questions in ASK the scientists will further develop their ideas with the students. The students then vote for the project they want to happen. The scientists and students will then carry out the research in June 2017. Read more about how the zone will work here: Enquiry zone: What’s it all about?

The Enquiry Zone is funded by Wellcome and is for Year 6 (KS2) students. In this zone students will be voting for a Citizen Science project run by the scientists, with students able to take part in the winning project after the event.

General Science Zones

General Science Zones take five scientists from a range of different research areas. We welcome any type of scientist to apply for these zones; the more diverse the research the better.

  • Francium Zone — Funded by Wellcome
  • Radium Zone (Primary School Zone) — Funded by Wellcome

Apply now to take part!


Apply before Monday 23rd January. We’ll send an email out soon after you sign up asking which zones and how many classes you would like to bring online.


Apply here, and take a look at this page for our advice on your application!

IEngThis March we’ll also be running 3 zones in I’m an Engineer UK and 3 zones in I’m an Engineer Ireland. See here for UK info and here for Ireland info.


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