What happened in the first week of November’s I’m a Scientist

The live chat in action. The primary school students of Tungsten Zone are pushing the scientists with their range of questions!

A live chat in action where the primary school students of Tungsten Zone are really pushing the scientists with their range of questions!

Students and scientists in November’s I’m a Scientist are in the middle of discussing everything from the myths of cardiology in Heart Zone, to how to care for the terminally ill in Ageing Zone, to who gets to name aliens (and what you would name them) in Spectroscopy Zone.

There’s even been some brave admissions of the lowest marks scientists’ have ever received, a sure-fire way to humanise yourself if ever there was one!

After the first seven days, the stats so far are a testament to the level of interaction:

  • 3,192 school students have logged in to the 8 zones
  • 2,196 questions from students sent to the 40 scientists
  • 1,933 votes have been cast by the students to support their favourite scientists

And that’s not to mention the almost uncountable levels of conversation in the 104 live chats that have taken place:

summary twitter pic

Twitter based feedback on live chats and an interesting favourite question! Follow @imascientist and #IASUK to keep up to date with the event.

If all this has whetted your appetite for engagement you can get yourself a piece of the action in the next I’m a Scientist, taking place March 2016, by using the buttons below.



For now in November there’s still much more to come. From 3 pm on Tuesday the pressure cranks up as the first scientist is evicted from each zone, with more following each day after. Who will survive to stay in the running for the £500 prize? Find out before anyone else from the announcement in the staffroom. Best of luck to all the scientists!

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