June 2015 Zones

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here will run for two weeks during from Monday 15th to Friday 26th  June 2015.

Here is a list of the zones confirmed until now, or if you want to jump straight to the application, teachers apply here:  imascientist.org.uk/teachers and scientists here: imascientist.org.uk/scientist-apply.

Colour Zone

Bromothymol blue (BTB) is a pH indicator. It is used to measure pH levels: from 6 (yellow) to 7.6 (dark blue). Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Why do colours matter beyond arguing over a dress? In the Colour Zone we’re after scientists looking at all different aspects of colour chemistry to inspire primary school students this June. How are paints made? What are the applications of colour chemistry? Do you know some impressive colour change experiments for students? Help show what colour tells us about our world.
This zone is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry and it is aimed at primary schools only. To be eligible to take part, scientists should be a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Electromagnetic Zone

Team Wave or Team Particle? Warning: Students in this zone may force you to finally pick a side, as you help them understand the out-there qualities and uses of the electromagnetic spectrum. We need astronomers using infra-red waves to explore the universe, physicists shooting lasers at novel materials and chemists deducing molecular structure with X-Rays; essentially anyone enjoying a working relationship with photons. #TEAMPARTICLE
This zone is funded by the STFC. To be eligible to take part, scientists should have some link to the STFC. See this page for more.

Extreme Force Zone

Not the latest vanity project for a bunch of fading action stars, something much more rewarding: five scientists unraveling the four fundamental forces of the universe! You might be nuclear or theoretical physicists, computer scientists, astrophysicists, all studying how these forces behave and interact… Whatever Hawking says, the easiest way to unite your fields is by taking part in this zone.
This zone is funded by the STFC. To be eligible to take part, scientists should have some link to the STFC. See this page for more.

Health Zone

We have more knowledge than ever before about how our bodies work. We also have more questions than we could have ever dreamed of. We’re after five scientists who research these questions and help improve lives. Whether it’s cancer, degenerative diseases, malnutrition and infectious diseases, we have students excited to hear all about it.
This zone is part-funded by the Biochemical Society

Structure of Insuline: a hormone that controls metabolism. Image Source: Wikimedia.

Hormones Zone

If your cells fancy a chat, they speak in the language of hormones. We are looking for scientists who are studying how animal and plant hormones carry hormone messages that affect growth, the immune system, metabolism, reproductive cycle… along with many other things.
This zone is part-funded by the Society for Endocrinology.

Pharmacology Zone

Aspirin and Ibuprofen are now words of our common vocabulary, but we actually know very little about them. How do these drugs work? What is the mechanism behind their pain-relief action? Why do they produce side-effects? We’re looking for pharmacology experts who are willing to answer these, and many more questions to 6th form students this June.
This zone is part-funded by the British Pharmacological Society, and it is aimed at 6th form classes only.

Polymer Zone

Molecules like to hang out with other molecules, and these fascinating structures they create are everywhere. There are biopolymers —like DNA —, and artificial polymers — like plastics. Scientists in this zone could be studying the properties and structure of polymers; synthesising new ones; or testing polymer applications: from tyres, to textiles, or 3D printer “ink”.
This zone is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry. To be eligible to take part, scientists should be a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

General Science Zones

General Science Zones take five different scientists from a wide range of research areas. We welcome any type of scientist to apply for these zones, as the more diverse they are, the better.

Thanks to the Wellcome Trust for part funding I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

Apply now to take part!


Teachers apply here: imascientist.org.uk/teachers
Apply before Sunday 26th April
We’ll send an email out soon after you sign up asking which zones and how many classes you would like to bring online.


Scientists apply here: imascientist.org.uk/scientist-apply
Apply before Sunday 3rd May
Take a look at this page for our advice on your application!

I’m an Engineer

This June we’ll also be running 6 zones in I’m an Engineer. Click here for more information.

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