For Scientists

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Do you want to get into schools without having to leave the lab?

Do you want to be sure there is a real educational benefit to what you are doing?

Well handily enough you can take part in ‘I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here!’ and do both.

We get teenagers talking to real scientists, online, and learning about real science. Students have fun, but also get beyond stereotypes, learn about how science relates to real life, develop their thinking and discussion skills and make connections with real scientists.

You will make a difference. And you’ll be learning too. Teenagers ask all sorts of questions – from the cheeky to the thought-provoking. They fizz with energy and can be infectious company. As one scientist told us after the pilot event, “It really made me think about what I do and why.”

You can read more about what teachers, students and scientists thought about the pilot in our evaluation report.

You will:

Chat with young people (yr9 – yr13), answering their questions about science, research, and just about everything else…

Volunteer a little time to speaking with your audience (usually 1-2hrs/day)

Get young people thinking about how science affects their daily lives

You need:

A computer with an internet connection (and that’s all!)

The next events will run in March 2011 and June 2011. Hurry, sign up now!

This award-winning event is funded by the Wellcome Trust, to promote public engagement with science.